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futuristic Ninja Gaiden

posted by Jaythe3k (CANTON, OH) Apr 8, 2013

Member since Sep 2012

A perpetual button masher that copies ninja gaiden all the way down to its impossible difficulty at times. lost to button mashing boredom at least a few times. overall subpar game.

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Above Average

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Review (PS3)

posted by SanityAmnesia (RALEIGH, NC) Apr 6, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

Revengeance is a title that can go from fun and innovative to frustratingly incompetent in a matter of seconds. This is mostly due to an abundance of minor design flaws that ultimately add up to one major issue that keeps this game from being anything more than an average action title.

Metal Gear "Rising" serves as a spin off from the traditional "Solid" games, casting former child solider Raiden as the lead. Not to worry MGS fans, this game (and potentially series) takes place alongside MGS, not in place of it. MGR's story isn't nearly as well written as any MGS, but its premise is just as ridicules. Essentially its about Raiden's quest to exact revenge on a group of mercs, all the while stopping an insidious plot and struggling with his morality. MGR is co-developed by Platinum, and it shows. The game sports over the top action, break neck pace and short length coupled with a lot of potential replay value. MGR has two lengths depending on whether or not you seek out the game's collectables: 6-8 hours if you do and 3-5 if you don't. Level design is undewhelming despite decent graphics.

Where MGR hits both its highest and lowest points is in gameplay. On its most basic level, combat in MGR is simple button mashing with optional (and unnecessary) stealth. The learning curb for MGR's more advanced combat, however, is steep. There is no quality tutorial to relay the basics of essential techniques like parry or dodge. Those not adept in learning as you go will have a rough time with MGR. The game's camera control is awful and can become a real liability in almost every fight. The combat does posses some strong qualities such as Blade Mode, a free aiming mode that is one of the game's selling points. Using it allows Raiden to slow time and find enemy weak points to cut strategically. Where the game truely shines is with its excellent boss battles each of which require a unique stratagy to defeat.

MGR has potential and is still worth a rent despite its flaws,

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GF Rating

Above Average

Metal Gear Rising Blood Pressure

posted by Izzy_Duzit (MIAMI SPRINGS, FL) Apr 4, 2013

Member since Sep 2012

Graphics: They are pretty solid, and the design of the characters are nice and detailed. Though one can argue that the graphics from Metal Gear Solid 4 (MGS4) are a little better.

Controls: There are a lot of different control actions to utilize. Basic functions such as running, jumping, attacking are straightforward. However advanced actions such as parrying and "blade mode" are often conflicting and counter-intuitive. Moreover, the camera angles are sketchy at times and can be a liability when there are nearby enemies.

Story: Since this game is essentially a spin-off the Metal Gear series, it's not entirely necessary to have previous knowledge of the stories/plots from the previous games to understand this game's storyline. Though it does help a decent amount if one has played at least MGS4. The game focuses on a different protagonist but popular character in the series, Raiden, a cyborg ninja. The game essentially follows his attempt to thwart a plan by a group of men who intend to start a war to jumpstart the "war economy" which thrived in the previous titles.

Gameplay: This game is a 3rd person hack & slash with some stealth mechanics but not with nearly as much emphasis as MGS4. It features a lot of close-quarter combat against various enemies (including bosses) where each may require a certain tactic to defeat. You're capable of executing different attack combinations. The game features destructible environments, a score rank system, and battle point currency. This can be used to purchase upgrades as you progress in the game. Story mode consists of 7 chapters and is roughly 8-12 hrs long. There are unlockable VR side missions that can earn you more BP. There are several boss fights & are harder than they should be.

Overall, this game can be fun and has the right idea but can often times be a frustrating experience; particularly with the boss fights. The final boss is stupid-hard & sucks the life out the game. Quitting was the only option.

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