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Some of the worst combat I have experienced

posted by Existence (SALT LAKE CITY, UT) Apr 17, 2013

Member since Jul 2011

I have been a Gamefly member for almost 2 years now, and I have never returned a game before finishing it...until now.

Platinum Games delivers another completely overhyped, overrated title that seems to be designed by total amateurs rather than a professional studio. It seems they love to leech off of the fanbase rather than dedicate themselves to making a good game.

The combat is obviously the main core of this game, and although I love hack-and-slash games, I cannot bring myself to like this game. The problems are numerous:

There is a lack of a lock-on, which means the camera moves around on its own, which can lead to disorientation of where enemies are located. The camera itself is also zoomed in rather closely to the player, which means that some enemies move out of sight but continue to attack you anyway.

As others state, your primary mode of defense are parries, but these are executed by pressing forward (towards your target) + attack, and because of the awful camera/targeting, this becomes incredibly annoying to do properly. There is a dodge ability upgrade, but it's nearly just as bad; it still has to be timed correctly, and it is executed by pressing two buttons at the same time, unlike most other action games. Other than that, the game expects you to literally run in circles to avoid some attacks.

Unfortunately you can't go all offense - most enemies don't get stunned by simply attacking. However, you are quite easily stunned (and have to QTE out of it) if they continually attack you.

Outside of these terrible ideas for defense, I found the combat to be mostly just a button-mash fest. Your "special" move is Blade Mode (holding L1) but the odd thing about that is you stand still while simply doing more button mashing, which I found quite awkward.

The most interesting is that the designers didn't seem to explain much in how combat is supposed to work; the tutorial system gives the basics, but the player is expected to figure out the res

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Too difficult

posted by dispatch2502 (SAINT LOUIS, MO) Apr 16, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

Overall i thought the graphics were phenomenal n the gameplay was pretty good, but i thought it was a little too difficult, especially for what they considered to be normal. I expect a challenge, but if you make it too difficult then it becomes an annoyance that i don't want to deal with.

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For kids....

posted by mmafan36 (BUCKEYE, AZ) Apr 15, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

Understanding video games are made for kids, about half the games out there are marketed to adult(meaning boys and girls over the age of 18)this game is not one of them. Its meant for a teen, about 13 to 16 that loves anime. Its an amazing light show, nice graphics, but alot of button mashing and super hero nonsense. Think Dynasty Warriors meets Vanquish. They stepped to far away from the Metal Gear gameplay for me to enjoy this.

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