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posted by gokorulez (ROANOKE RAPIDS, NC) Jun 9, 2013

Member since Jan 2013

I have mixed feelings about this game, I mean it was fun at some parts, but it is so repetitive! Thank goodness it was only 5 hours because I don't know if i could take anymore of this game. What you do in the first level is the same thing you'll be doing in the whole game! And the story came together at the end into a pretty decent story.. I still felt lost with the transition from Raiden getting his butt whooped to him going to Russia then some guy blows himself up, and now he is in the sewers of France...? (are u following this...) The game shines though with some of the amazing stunts and action sequences in the cut scenes, but that brings me to another problem the cutscenes are long!! Its ok when the characters are doing some cool stuff but some are just talking and talking and talking. For an action game there is alot of talking, and I guess they were trying to touch on this really big question on why people do what they do, but they didnt manage to give any real meaniful answer except for the cliche bull you'd get from a superhero tv show cartoon. One cutscene that really upset me was the cutscene in the middle of the last boss fight was way too long. Speaking of boss fights it was all good until the end.. I have never played a game where the final boss was so ugh.. I was done by the time I got to that boss I couldn't even play the game anymore I was so tired of the same things, and not to mention I was falling asleep bc it was just that boring..., but its not a terrible game, and I did have some good moments, a few months from now I will doubt I remember much about this game though.. but hey its only about 6 hours of your life, so if you're interested give it a play!

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A Solid rental(no pun intended)

posted by LordAdam (SPRINGFIELD, VA) Jun 9, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

Metal gear rising REVENGEANCE is a fun but frustrating action game, this is mostly due to the fact that the camera sucks and parrying can be difficult to do. Given the story's short length, I only recommend renting this game.

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Terrible Game is Terrible

posted by Lyniaer (WILLIAMSPORT, PA) Jun 9, 2013

Member since Oct 2009

What's the number-one rule of hack-n-slash games?

If you can't do that - or you won't do that - your game sucks off the shelf.
When you introduce a system of skill ups, the game should curve and introduce elements that use all of those skills by the end.
Then we have a game like MGS:RR which is just a money-grab on the success of its predecessor.
Sure, you can tell me I suck at the game, but why do I have A or S rankings on Hard all the way up to the Final Boss who's storyline shenanigans sucked away all of my rations and then proceeds to introduce combat tactics that blow through your attacks, string AOE's together so you can never get close and completely disregard the game's two core mechanics: Sword Fighting Combos and the Blade Mode.
I was reduced to hit-and-run tactics in the final boss and even that failed to work.
This is one of those moments I wish I was just filthy, stupid rich so I could buy every copy of this game, fly to the developers corporate HQ in my private jet, then set them all on fire in their front yard in protest.
The game wasn't horrible all-around and was fairly exciting at times, but lousy controls (reliance on mostly one single button for everything) and a camera with absolutely no interest in your survival tore the game apart like so much paper machete.
I gave the game a 1 because it missed the Prime Directive of action games and needs to take a few lessons from Devil May Cry before going back in the ring.
Suck it, Konami. Bring back Solid Snake and put this white-haired sidekick in the fricken grave.

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