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awesome concepted but missing many elements

posted by frostmare (INTERLAKEN, NY) Mar 10, 2014

Member since Feb 2010

the game as some interesting ideas but falls short and many factors. as the combat elements goes on this game, there are plenty of moves at your disposal the ninja run is good at a point but other then that its worthless. fighting boss battles are a joke since you have to no line of defense at all just continuing running all the time getting annoying. half of there moves lock right on you and cant be avoided. plus what would a good addition to slide set when attacked or some kind of defense that is worth having . running around and sliding just doesn't seem that fun. there are many elements of the game that are missing to make it a action game like it should be. the biggest thing that this game lacks there are no defense moves and just running and sliding around gets tiring.

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All hail the age gap

posted by Eldavo (RANCHO CORDOVA, CA) Feb 4, 2014

Member since Mar 2012

If you like the features of a game to make sense and be useful, maybe skip this one. If you are capable of cringing at awful dialogue, definitely skip this one. If you want to control a smug yet perpetually confused cyborg ninja half-zombie spy and you have an open contempt for both physics and continuity, have your mother pull you out of class and spend the rest of the week with this game.

If that doesn't spell out what the title was hinting at, picture Hideo Kojima losing a bet with a class of eight-year-olds and being contractually obligated to incorporate every idea they can come up with into a single game. It's like a high-concept existential horror game that forces you to gaze deep within your own soul while dark whispers bitterly insist that this is what you are within this world, that within the most shameless corners of your mind, you understand that your addiction to the medium has truly contorted your frame of reference into something monstrous and alien to who you once were. It is the way things now are and have forever been; this game merely parts the veil so you can peer through the squishy meat through which your limited senses perceive the universe, so for an awful and wondrous, fleeting instant, you understand that you are a drop of rain in the flood, forever at fault for your own sins, forever insignificant among the endless souls from whom you cannot distinguish your boundaries.

Also, there are swords.

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Metal Gear Fruit Ninja

posted by EuroGamer6 (STERLING HEIGHTS, MI) Jan 6, 2014

Member since Aug 2010

This is a pretty fun game if you are into hack and slash titles such as god of war or ninja gaiden. Unlike those games though the visuals can look alittle outdated and there aren't alot of fun collectibles/puzzles. It does however have a really cool slo motion slice and dice move that lets you use the analogue stick to cut soldiers and giant machines into slices kinda like fruit ninja and never gets old. I also like the japanese style music that plays with the action. Customizing your character isn't crazy detailed but it is there for a sense of progression. It's bloody as all heck and in old MGS fashion lots of long cut scenes. Worth a rent.

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