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Who needs "stealth" when you've got

posted by Nemy009 (HOUSTON, TX) Mar 13, 2013

Member since Mar 2006

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What to say about MGSR? Well, it's got some cool ideas here and there; and I like the Konami decided to make a spin-off for the little "full blown action" episode of Tourette's that many game developing companies appear to be falling victim to these days, instead of ruining the "tactical stealth espionage" persona that the primary Metal Gear game series created and maintained all these years; Solid Snake just wouldn't look right in a game like this.

The graphic are extremely clean looking (especially during cut scenes), but not too far removed from what you may have seen in MGS4. The game will also trigger a sense deja vu if you've played any of the other games in this genre like God of War, Ninja Gaiden, or Devil May Cry; especially the final boss fight that reminded of the final boss fight from Ninja Gaiden 2.

My biggest gripe with this game is that it just doesn't do what it tries to do very well. The targeting is lackluster at best, and the parry system (which is your only defensive maneuver) would have been better replaced with a dedicated block button. The game tries to be Ninja Gaiden more-so than anything else, but it lacks the polish and solid gameplay the NG series is known for.

All in all, MGSR is an interesting spin-off that pulls off some neat tricks here and there, but won't wow you too far beyond that. If you're a MGS purest, know that this game is NOT for you. This game is a full blown action game that gives you the option to play stealthy, but prefers you cut everything you see IN HALF!

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posted by Korgan91 (WICHITA, KS) Apr 22, 2013

Member since May 2012

2 out of 2 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

After playing and beating the game I give it a 7 out of 10. The story was good (if a bit short), the combat was fluid and stylized, and the graphics were great. It is a break away from the usual stealth game that we all know and love but none the less it was worth my time. Any DECENT gamer can have the game beat in as little as three and a half to four hours, and any DECENT gamer shouldn't have to much trouble with the controls. I've heard many complaints about the latter. Suck it up fellas. Don't blame the game for your lack of skill.

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posted by jsmooth2010 (TYLER, TX) Feb 22, 2013

Member since Jul 2011

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I have played the old metal gear games and Yes, this is totally different. This is not about stealth, this is all about action. This game is amazing, it's fast paced, has insane boss fights, and the music pumps you up. The story is also well written and the cut scenes keep you interested. The only reason this is not a 10/10 for me is because it is a bit on the short side, and the big reason is that there is no dedicated blocking button, instead there is the parrying system, and even that would be ok, but the fact that to parry, you have to aim at the enemy and attack? when there are free buttons? lol But you get used to it. Great Game!!! But probably a rental because of the length.

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