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Rare items

Compete in the Trial Battles to win rare items. You will receive one rare item for every ten battles you win. The best area for items is level 8 and each version until 98. Here, you can find over 70 items each time, and since the area is large and open, you can complete it with only twenty to thirty battles if you are good at dodging.


Always have one character with a high Trap Disarm ability. It can be frustrating clearing five areas almost getting to the Boss, then having a trapped chest send your entire party back to the surface.

Green rooms

Avoid the green rooms with the round computer inside. Once you are past level 5, the advantages they may provide are not worth the risk. The positive effects they give are few and far between the negative effects.

General Tips and Tricks

Save a lot. For the novice gamer this is very important.

General Tips and Tricks

Retreat from a dungeon if you're getting annihilated. If you lose your whole party it makes the game much more difficult. If you do lose most of your party you want to restart the game (because you saved right?)

General Tips and Tricks

Save your money. You will always need a little extra cash later in the game to acquire a useful spell or item. Money is primarily obtained through selling items found and acquired in the dungeons. So pick everything useful up and keep a little cash on hand just in case.

General Tips and Tricks

Always have a character in your entourage/posse which can unlock chests with great difficulty. You will be upset if you don't and you defeat a boss and have to return to the surface because of a locked chest.

Using Combos

You can perform a combo by using a spell and a weapon which have the same primary property. You can for instance use a fire spell with a fire resistant weapon. This will inflict greater damage then the spell or weapon alone.

Fast Cash

There's a 1000 ways to make cash in this game. One of the best ways, if you have a level 20+ character with a high weight limit, is to go to the laboratory to do an area search for area 1. Then have a single character (like a broader or a fencer) enter area 1, fight all the monsters for experience (If your character is high-leveled enough, he will kill everything with one hit except for the griffon, and take 1 point damage each time he gets hit) since you only have one character in the maze he gets all the experience and search the entire area. Search all the chests so you can pawn all the "dope" pacs and stuff. If you're lucky, you'll find fortify units plus an elemental orb which allows you to upgrade your characters to dual-class. Since area 1 is so easy, you'll end up getting 100% (which pays 4000 gold for the contract) for the area search plus you'll probably get an additional 10x on your 1000 contract fee investment from selling all the stuff you found.