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Metal Arms: Glitch in the System


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Viva La Gizmon City!

posted by Iamnobody (WILMINGTON, DE) Sep 14, 2008

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Some games are good. Others are great. Metal Arms: Glitch in they System falls into the second category. From great multiplayer to lot's of laughs, this game has it all.

The game features Glitch, a damaged robot found by a Droid Rebellion searching party and repaired. Glitch can swap out his right hand for a multitude of upgradeable weapons. While some of these weapons are standard (laser gun, machine gun) others are extremely fun to use. One allows you to take control of your enemies, another fires explosive arrows that are detonated when the player releases R.

The game's 40 missions cover the Droid Rebellion's fight against the "MILs" and General Corrosive. The story is mostly told via cut scenes between missions, but parts of it are told mid-level.

The sound is a positive throughout the game. The music is very well done, and the voice acting is even better. Playing this game with the sound off takes away a large part of the experience.

When you aren't playing the Campaign mode, a multiplayer mode is also available. There are 12 total maps, unlocked by collecting "secret chips" hidden throughout the campaign mode. With a 1 or two exceptions, all of the maps are well designed and fun to play.

Overall, this game is one of the best on GC and should be played by anyone looking for a good 3rd person shooter.

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Above Average

Robotic shooter is a slight letdown

posted by Cletus (CANTON, GA) Dec 14, 2006

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When i first saw this game, i thought, "cool! robots, laser guns, what could be better!" But when i tried it, i must say i was a trifle disappointed.
The enemies take many hits to destroy, and with your primary weapon being a weak laser that has to recharge after just a few shots, this can be annoying. The levels are long, and become very difficult early in the game.
The game does have its good points. An interesting story line is one of those points. Another is your comical robot allies. It is also fun when you hack into enemy machines and take control of enemy robots. The multiplayer mode is also fun( more fun than the single player mode, actually).
This game could have been so much better. More easily destructable enemies and less annoying levels would have made this game an 8/10 easily.

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Metal Arms: Glitch in the System

posted by SuperT (ANGLETON, TX) Apr 17, 2007

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It is a waist of time. Boring.....If I were you I would try a different game.

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