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GF Rating

34 ratings

Movie Details

  • Release Date 6/4/2007
  • Studio Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
  • Platform PSP Movies
  • Genre Horror

Disturbing Images/Terror/Violence, Mature Thematic Material

Movie Description

Children see the world differently from adults - they're open to believing things that grown-ups refuse to acknowledge. In The Messengers, it's the kids who are trying to warn us. If the adults don't listen, blood will spill. It all begins when the Solomon family moves to North Dakota to start a new life and leave a troubled past in Chicago. And the peaceful farm they now call home seems like the perfect place to do it. But the peaceful promise of the farm begins to rot when 16-year-old Jess (Kristen Stewart) and 3-year-old Ben (Evan and Theodore Turner) begin seeing paranormal occurrences invisible to everyone else. When the visions become violent, Jess' warnings are dismissed. Can she make someone listen before it's too late?

Specs & Requirements

Length 90

Director Danny Pang & Oxide Pang

Theatrical Release Date 2007

Screen Format 1.85:1

Languages English, French

Subtitles English, French