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Mercury: Meltdown Revolution


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Total meltdown

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Jul 4, 2008

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Mercury Meltdown Revolution is an interesting but pretty frustrating and easily forgettable action puzzle game. You get a blob of mercury which you can roll around levels filled with pitfalls and puzzles so you can get to the end. Now, in many ways, you could draw parallels to Super Monkey Ball, which didn't fair very well on the Wii either. Unfortunately, Mercury Meltdown has an annoying gameplay trait: the mercury can split. Sometimes this is interesting for puzzles where you can combine two or three colors of mercury to get through a certain door. More likely, it will be very difficult to keep your mercury will continually swindle through the hazards presented to you, leaving you with a tiny blob of goo and a suitably tiny score. The physics get changed up quite frequently and there are some enemies looking to make your day even less enjoyable.
At first, this game will seem enjoyable and it can be. But the difficulty ramps up too quickly. And once you've gotten the gist of the game, you'll probably lose interest anyway.
So, you can probably skip this one completely. The game is just not addictive like a good puzzle game should be and the concept is as frustrating as it is creative.

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all the fun of mercury, without the danger!

posted by aestias (CHELMSFORD, MA) May 22, 2008

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In mercury meltdown revolution you play as a blob of mercury with one goal, reach the goal. There are tons of levels to challenge you. Use color stations to change the color of the mercury, press down switches to continue, and much more. Like with most puzzle games, as you progress through the game, it does get more challenging. You only need the wii-mote for this game. You just tilt it in the direction you want the blob to go. The controls are very fluid (pun intended). In addition there are minigames to play with your little blob. Overall mercury meltdown revolution is a great game to play!

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Very Good


posted by dog0388 (INDIANAPOLIS, IN) May 22, 2008

Member since Mar 2008

This is a very cool game for all ages. If you like puzzles game's, then this for you .

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