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Mercury: Meltdown Revolution


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mercury meltdown revolution

posted by brooks (VENICE, CA) Nov 27, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

this game is very similar to super monkey ball,and sometimes frustrating. but although the frustrating parts are the most fun,and you will congratulate yourself when you finish them.

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interestingly boring

posted by itsamia (PORT ORCHARD, WA) May 30, 2009

Member since Mar 2008

Do you remeber that old labyrinth board game you used to play as a kid, you know get to point A from point B without having the marble fall into the holes. Well Mercury Meltdown Revolution is very much like that. If your looking for a quick 10 minute game than this is the game for you.

The level difficulty tends to be fairly difficult from the get go, unless you pay really close attention to the tuturial. But as soon as you figure it out, it becomes highly repetitive and you find yourself almost bored with it. They do mix the level design up a little, i.e. one level will have ice floors and another will have no walls. But as soon as you figure out your balance it is easy. The graphics are shoddy, but what do you expect for a Wii game. The disco music can be easily ignored but it is a tedious soundtrack. No multiplayer either, so thats a bummer.

You don't see any of the rewards you get, save for once you finish the game. If you collect all the pieces then you get a couple of skins at the end to decorate your ball, but you probably won't play this game a second time around.

The reason why I give it a 5 is because it has an interesting gameplay mechanic. You play as a liquid ball basically, so that means you can be easily seperated. This is good and bad. If you get to close to an edge a piece of you drops. But if your really stressed for time you can use the smaller version and explore the level that way. Also the idea of having to mix colors to create another is kinda fun but annoying all the same...took me forever to figure that out on the first level.

Overall, if your looking for a fun all day game this is not the one. But if your looking for a quick 5 minute game go ahead and rent it.

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Mercury Meltdown

posted by HarleyQuin (TULSA, OK) Apr 27, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

This could have been a good game had it not been so scratched it wouldn't stay playing for more than 5 min at a time. Make sure you do the tutorial.

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