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A worthwhile rental

posted by veelaunch (GLENDALE, UT) Apr 12, 2008

Member since Nov 2006

This is a great thinking game. Considering how to get your mercury through the mazes is the genius of this game. There are many components to this game and may even be worth a purchase if you wanted to explore them all. It is a complete game by itself. It is not a game that should be sold at discount as IGN suggested.

Great use of the wii remote. Tilting the remote allows you excellent control that you didn't have on the other systems. It's fun. The party modes are great. For example the rodeo stage is where you try to stay on as long as you can. There is fan that goes around and tries to blow you off. This is intense fun similar to a rodeo.

The game looks great and has some good sound tracks, although the music repeats itself often and gets old.

You can't go wrong with Mercury Meltdown. There are many challenging stages, fun multi-mode and party stages and complicated patterns to figure out. I hope to see more games like it in the future.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Quick! What does 2 parts purple 1 part green make?

posted by dmorin (NORTH ANDOVER, MA) Mar 27, 2008

Member since Jan 2008

The general premise of the game is simple enough, tilt the controller to move your blob of mercury around various obstacles. I rented this for my young kids because they are familiar with such "get the marble through the maze" games.

Twist #1, this being a blob of mercury, is that it can get split into pieces. That's actually sort of cool, and requires you sometimes to coordinate the pieces. I can live with that. A portion of your mercury can fall off the board and you'll still be alive. At the end of the level your percent of mercury saved is reported as part of your score.

Twist #2, though, turned me off the game. And that is the colors. Some gates, for instance, can only be opened by a blue blob. Fine, you find the square to touch to turn yourself blue. But what about the gate that only opens for purple? First you have to split your blob, then make one half red, then one half blue, then join them again to make purple. And that's only the first level of that - there are times when you would have to then take the purple and combine it with something else.

That part made it less interesting for me, and impossible for my kids. Sure there's a color wheel onscreen telling you what colors make what combinations, but trying to do the math in your head of how big a piece to turn red, and then holding that red out of the way of the other colors while you turn another piece green...just not all that interesting. I would rather have spent the time trying to solve puzzles and avoid obstacles.

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a well-liked but UGLY looking game

posted by Pinksoda1 (GLENDALE, CA) Jan 24, 2008

Member since Jul 2007

I am pretty torn about this game, so many people seem to like it, and it is usually very well reviewed. But I can't get past how god-awful the graphics are. It looks like a bad american PC puzzle game circa 1996. Also the tilting does not feel as fluid and responsive as other marble-style games... I don't know. everyone else likes it. I couldn't play it for more than 2 or 3 levels because it was so ugly.

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