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Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction

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Really Bad

It's really bad.

posted by Bobriver (COLLEYVILLE, TX) Nov 12, 2006

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The game is very fun at first but after awhile it gets realy hard and boring. The ideas r good but the way it works is horribble! The alies u get r hard to keep after the first ace and they all hate each other. How r u going to keep all the groups from attacking you when you r trying to complete the mission u r doing. I realy think this game stinks. The auto aiming is cool but it doaes all the work it takes all the fun of amig at your oppent's vital spots (the snipper rifle is the only gun you can aim at a person's head) that's just boring. But for the most part like I said the idea was good but the way they did it reeks (sory if some of the words r insaltive to u). they say anything will blow up in the game but it is way to hard to blow up any thing but a truck! To keep my self awake i had 14 cups of black cofee!!!! This game is one of the worst games i have played.

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Above Average

Good Idea but Lack of Execution

posted by TheBauc1 (MOBILE, AL) Oct 18, 2006

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Before I begin my review I have to say that no matter what you've heard, this is not a GTA clone. Actually its far far from that. But the game is still good. You start off as one of three characters, all from different backgrounds and all have different skills. During the game you do missions for the Allies, South Koreans, Russians, or Chinese. The tricky part about this is that you will always have someone hating you. The gameplay is good and bad. The vehicle control feels clunky and moving around on foot is annoyingly painstaking. The graphics are OK but the environment all looks the same. The sound effects obviously weren't a main priority because the gunfire sounds awfully lame and there's no music for when you're in a fire fight. This game made an emphasis on how "awesome" it is to blow up anything in the environment, but the effects and visuals of it really aren't that good. The missions don't have much variety and there's really not much replay value. Overall it was a mediocre game with some good and some bad but you should go ahead and check it out. I give it a 6, out of 10.

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Mercenaries(rent not own)

posted by sachmo (LAKE STATION, IN) Dec 29, 2008

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This game was very entertaining but after awhile it seemed as though i was doing the same thing over and over. Especially when trying to locate the faces on the cards. From having to go all around the map to look for one person to trying to find the blueprints. Though I did enjoy the different weapons in the game. I would have to say this is a game that i would only recommend that you rent this game instead of buying it.

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