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Mercenaries 2: World in Flames


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posted by Hobosogo (SEATTLE, WA) Dec 11, 2008

Member since Dec 2008

15 out of 20 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

This game is O.K. The idea of blowing things up with endless amounts of equipment and tons of weapons seems extremely entertaining at first. But it goes down hill from there. The missions get very repetitive and turn it from game to chore, and you will be constantly retrying missions due to bugs and other flaws in the game. It does have its golden moments but overall its pretty much an average game that they slap 60 bucks on. It is worth renting but if its up there on your list i suggest knocking it down a few pegs.

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Mercenaries 2 World in flames

posted by GamePwner (WATERTOWN, NY) Jul 22, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

7 out of 9 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

Merc. 2 is a very epic game. If you like games where you can pretty much do whatever you want, this is your kind of game (that, or GTA.) Merc. 2 is like the lower aged version of GTA. Its the same concept you can steal cars, shoot people, and do missions for people. The only different thing is that there for some reason is no police coming after you. Mercenaries 2 is a game where you want revenge. You must go through a whole load of stuff to get it though. I personally love it. Its just addicting even when i was really mad i still went back when i was still mad. I like the zing of excitement of when u buy, for example, 25 helicopters and throw down your smoke signal and there it is, or tanks or whatever. You can get it with anything you buy. In the game you get 3 choices of people. One has the best speed, one can hold the most ammo and one heals the fastest. I like Mattias (fast healer) because i can go wild out on the battlefield and then find a nice cozy bush to heal quickly and then go back out. I love it, and anyone who is like me will love it too. Its fun and challenging and exciting and i recommend it a lot. Its very addicting and occupying and i give it a perfect 10 and i bet my life MOST of you will love it too.

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Above Average

Good try... but not quite there

posted by Dredly (SAYLORSBURG, PA) Sep 17, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

25 out of 35 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

Mercs 2 is your fairly standard "sandbox" type game. Complete with racing parts, running missions, open ended destruction, and the rest of the world watching you in awe.

Overall game play was fun, however there are a LOT of bugs / glitches in the game that can be vary frustrating, for example getting stuck in areas of the map, enemies getting stuck in the map or floating off the ground, enemies killing your HVT (high value target), enemies surviving explosions, getting stuck in "almost dead" mode, weapon issues, guns not working (stop firing randomly for no reason), annoying sequences to take over vehicles that don't always work correctly... etc

The longevity and replay is really where I had to take a lot of points away from Mercs 2. The game is extremely repetitive, with 4 different factions that you work with almost all the missions are identical and then 1 or possibly 2 "unique" missions, followed by a "story" mission.

The "sayings" get insanely annoying after a while as well, from your team mate telling you to check in if you are lost to saying stupid things like "Hey you on the .50 cal how would you like an airstrike" every time you get shot.

Overall Mercs 2 was a fun game to play for a while, its definitely not a game I would suggest purchasing, the replay is going to be nonexistent

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