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Coming to a Bargain Bin Near You!!!

posted by MasterCyps (CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH) Sep 14, 2008

Member since Jan 2007

64 out of 84 gamers (76%) found this review helpful

This game has some good features and is fun overall, but the more you play it the more frustrated you get with it's incompetence. The game is basically in the GTA style with Missions, you go around doing contracts and having side missions that aren't nessescary to the storyline.

The Good:
Pretty much everything in the game is destructible. Blowing up a building with a tank or a helicopter is pretty awesome the first time you do it. Exploding the fuel tanks is pretty awesome and devastating. Weapons and money are plentiful so wasting ammo and going on killing sprees is always fun to do. Having tanks, weapons, and helicopters instantly delivered to you is also a plus.

The Bad:
GLITCHES galore. Sometimes achievements don't unlock, sometimes you get stuck in walls or fall through the map, sometimes HTV's(people you are supposed to capture) get stuck on things and you are forced to kill them just to complete the mission.

Repetitive missions. Basically the missions for every faction are the same. You capture outposts for them. You are required to go to an outpost, clear out any resistance and then call in the factions covert ops team to capture the outpost. You do this about four times for each faction, and there are five factions. This gets really old after a while. Each faction also has High Value Targets(basically bounties) for you to capture, and various targets to destroy. Do all these gets really repetitive after a while, and I mean really repetitive.

Controls can be awkward at times, trying to call an air strike during the middle of the battle is really hard and can sometimes get you killed. You can't crouch or duck, so frantically running away is your only defense.

It's easy to tell that this game was rushed into production to meet a deadline. With so many good games coming out this fall (GOW2 and COD5 just to name a few) this game wouldn't stand a chance. It's defiantly worth a rental or a buy when it goes down in price, which will be soon.

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Just Okay

posted by Exile78 (Columbus, OH) Oct 12, 2008

Member since Oct 2008

23 out of 30 gamers (77%) found this review helpful

I very much enjoyed the first Mercenaries game several years ago. The gameplay at the time was fairly innovative and engaging. Unfortunately, Mercenaries 2 delivers essentially the same game with better graphics. Alright, to be fair, MUCH better graphics.

On the surface, this is a very enjoyable game; shoot some cool guns, drive a tank or two, and drop some sweet air strikes on unsuspecting tools. But there are nagging problems that erode these basic mechanics. First and foremost, I voice my primary concern with the entire game: the bullet spread is absolutely egregious. I consider myself a fairly skilled and experienced player of video games, so when I aim directly at the head of an enemy standing across the street and fire, I expect him to fall over like my uncle at an open bar wedding. But because of the insane bullet spread, it may take upwards of half a clip to actually kill a soldier, even at relatively short range. This degrades firefights into a spray and pray sort of affair where players are not rewarded for aiming properly.

Many of the game play mechanics also seem to have been designed to aggravate the player. Die? You lose your weapons. Want an air strike? You'll have to drive to a store and buy one. Don't like timed racing/gopher missions? Sucks for you, the game's full of them. Friendly AI is terrible, so don't expect those friendlies standing around to actually defend anything. Stealing anything bigger than a jeep requires a little button-mash mini game, which is only amusing the first 3 times. The characters all spout awful jokes that are, like stealing vehicles, funny only once or twice. Too bad you'll be hearing them several hundred.

On the positive, I can say that the explosions are absolutely gorgeous. Leveling a city block with a rain of high explosives is easily the most fun you can have in the game.

So bottom line, if you like casual games and explosions, get this. If you like playing quality games, there are certainly better options.

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posted by Hobosogo (SEATTLE, WA) Dec 11, 2008

Member since Dec 2008

15 out of 20 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

This game is O.K. The idea of blowing things up with endless amounts of equipment and tons of weapons seems extremely entertaining at first. But it goes down hill from there. The missions get very repetitive and turn it from game to chore, and you will be constantly retrying missions due to bugs and other flaws in the game. It does have its golden moments but overall its pretty much an average game that they slap 60 bucks on. It is worth renting but if its up there on your list i suggest knocking it down a few pegs.

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