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Mercenaries 2: World in Flames


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EXCELLENT!!! but could be better

posted by canadian92 (BURLINGAME, CA) Sep 4, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

The new Mercs game is amazing. I love it. Its just a little too similar to the Mercs, Playground of Destruction. Driving for a long distance can get really boring, so some music would be nice. Also, the graphics could be better, not so choppy, more like GTA IV, nice a smooth movements. Overall though, a great game. Anybody who enjoys 3rd person shooter, this is amazing.

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Good game with lots of flaws/bugs

posted by beef13 (ROCHESTER, NY) Sep 3, 2008

Member since Aug 2004

I haven't played Mercenaries 1 so I can't compare it to that. However, this game feels almost exactly like Just Cause. There are tons of stuff to do in the game such as destroying target buildings, taking over outposts, killing/capturing high value targets, the list goes on. Coop is a blast too and the drop-in/drop-out aspect is ideal for friends to join in. Also, the game is extremely repetitive. You get different missions from factions but they are all the same. Take over this outpost or kill this guy. With an occasional race or VIP pickup thrown in. There is no variety. Since this game is coming out years after the 360 has been released, you'd think that amount of time would be enough for developers to have amazing graphics. Playing this game in 1080i on a 40" Samsung LCD is like a high-res PS2 or Xbox1 game and TONS of jagged lines around every object. Games have a detail distance where after a certain distance, the detail drops to low res textures since at 1000 yards away, a 128x128 texture looks as good as a 512x512 texture thats 50 feet away. However, the detail drops to low res textures about 50 feet in front of you.

The major problem with this game is that it's NOT finished. I've put 8-10 solid hours into this game and the following is a list of what occurs on a FREQUENT basis:
-falling through the road (must restart game)
-calling in a resource pickup can result in a chopper and/or he resource disappearing and not being credited
-enemies/allies randomly attacking civilians which penalizes YOU with a $5k deduction
-random freezes
-random nuclear explosions go off and cause the sound to loop until the game is reset
-enemies randomly spawning in friendly outposts (not attacking the outpost, literally spawned inside a guard tower for example)

+Coop fun makes up for the bugs
+Fun game if you can get past the bugs

-Plagued with bugs
-not HD quality

Rent this title or wait/pray for a patch to fix the bugs that plague this game.

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Totally Badass

posted by Aurkayne (MECHANIC FALLS, ME) Sep 3, 2008

Member since Oct 2006

I loved the original game. When I heard about the sequel, I pre-ordered it. I've played this non-stop and I love it. Definitely worth the rental if you love sandbox games.

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