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What's with these good reviews..?

posted by Onisan (SHERMAN OAKS, CA) Sep 5, 2008

Member since Apr 2006

The simple review.

Fun Factor-6.0

Long story short. The guns are horribly inaccurate and no fun to shoot. The air strikes, feel awesome. The Tanks and vehicles suffer from the (A button only for gas) making it hard to shoot in the tank. The destrucktion, almost feels weak.

I really wish Lucas Arts kept this license , they have that new technology that simulates explosions and what not. Game would have been a million times better. Thank EA, for screwing up a game.

Had a hard time connecting to people online..

Good thing about this game, Achievments. Really fast, really easy.

But then again, just rent Avatar, you'll get 1000 achievements in less then 2 minutes. This game is not worth your time. Rent something else.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Blowing Stuff Up Is Fun, But Not Fun Enough

posted by ckaseman (MESA, AZ) Sep 5, 2008

Member since Jul 2007

I'll admit; blowing stuff up rocks. And when it comes to blowing stuff up, this game is just about dead on. The explosions look amazing, and watching buildings crumble and vehicles shower charred parts across the landscape could keep me entertained for a darn long time, if it weren't for all the horrible problems this game has.

First, the graphics really aren't that great. The explosions looks wonderful, like I said, but everything else just seems to lack that "next-gen" look to it, even considering that it's an open world game. The graphics seem more on par with last-gen titles like Just Cause or Saint's Row, or maybe slightly better.

Of course, we all know that graphics don't matter and it's the gameplay that's important, so let's talk about that. This game is all about shooting things, when you're not dropping bombs on them, and so it's surprising that the shooting mechanics really aren't that great. Sometimes the aiming seems too loose, other times too tight. When you're running circles around a group of baddies with a machine gun, unloading hundreds of rounds, it's not such as issue, but when you're trying to snipe targets or line up a rocket on a distant tank, it can be a problem. Mounted weapons are the worst, with most of them being so loose that you'll mostly wind up sweeping back and forth over your target, instead of actually hitting it.

Open world games rely on driving to get you from A to B and Mercs 2's driving is more or less broken. The cars handle terribly, flopping around the road with sluggish, unresponsive controls. Vehicle physics is laughable. Sometimes you'll be driving along, doing fine, when you'll suddenly hit a bump and your car will flip and cartwheel out of control, launching you across the road. Vehicle damage is also ridiculous. You can damage a main battle tank by driving, at slow speed, over a 1 1/2 foot high rock. So much for "armored vehicles".

Also: glitches, poor AI, and my copy freezes during almost every cutscene.

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posted by Filimerica (FLANDERS, NJ) Sep 4, 2008

Member since Mar 2004

Say goodbye GTA IV
Say goodbye Battlefield

because this game just hit it out of the park.


you get a nuke(at the end of the game... last mish)

get to blow up stuff

you get money for killing people( except VZ's)

has so many things to do

no matter who you are you get shot in the butt


rag doll physics can get annoying

my friend said it got too repetitive

there are still technically invisible walls... until you get to the very end of the game

for me whatever i did to stael a heavy VZ tank i always failed, i jacked every tank other than that

could have used better graphics like in MGS:4(PS3)


It gets a 9 because of the cons but other than those it is a pretty solid game, if you think it does get repetitive don't rate this down i warned you. Nothing is holding you back from playing as all the characters, means more than one playthrough, though on the 3rd it may get boring so DON'T OVERUSE THE GAME!!!

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