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Pleasantly Suprised

posted by Liquidswar (BROOMFIELD, CO) Sep 1, 2008

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As I played the first level, my heart sank because I thought this game was going to be better than I was seeing. At first, it looked like a simple point A to point B shooter with average graphics to boot. However, after the pre-game level, I was very surprised to find out it was a huge sandbox game. Thank God I didn't pull the game out of my console early, because this game rocks! It's a very open world game with military factions, mercenary corporations, and underground guerilla factions all controlling different sectors of the city. It's your job to complete contracts for all of them, while walking the thin line between friend or foe.

Pros: Large Sandbox style game similar to GTA. Lots of weapons and vehicles (including helicopters and assault vehicles) and the large arsenal of Jet dropped bombs are amazing. Easy to make cash. Everything can be destroyed and they weren't joking - even a building that looks fixed can go down with the right bomb.

Cons: Graphics aren't perfect, but neither are GTA's, but the gameplay makes up for it. Vehicle physics could be better. Co-op online is nice, but split screen co-op should be first and as great as this world is, it's too bad no multiplayer made it on the game.

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Nice Game

posted by Aragorn225 (FREDERICK, MD) May 22, 2010

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8 out of 9 gamers (89%) found this review helpful

When I first rented this game I thought it would be some lame FirstPersonShooter game where you would have to complete repeditive objectives. Then I played it and actually enjoyed how open-world it is. Loved the different jobs and various factions in the open-world enviroment of Venezuala during a what seems like world war over oil.

Usually I would complain that it's not in first person but where it lacks in weapon variety it improves in storyline, vehicle variety, and open-world destruction. When it seems impossible to finish a certain objective, visit one of the faction's shops and buy an artillery strike or a commando squad!

Like I said, has greta vehicle variety that range from defensive gun trucks to heavy tanks to cool looking and deadly choppers to vast gunboats to kill your enemy with! All of which can be stolen from a faction or bought. Also whats cool is if I "accidentely" end of blowing up an American Oil rig for some guerilla in the jungle, I can return to my base and pay a small fee to get the americans back on my side.

Another cool thing is the job variety. They can range from protecting a buisness man while he's deleting critical files so they don't fall into the wrong hands to capturing High Valued Targets for factions. HTV missions can be fun because once you knock them out you can have a chopper come in to give you and your prisoner an evac back to a safe place. Then you can get on the allied chopper or hijack it and take it for yourself! The possibilities are almost endless.

Definitely rent and if you enjoy it, buy it.

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Fun Comercial, Fun game

posted by Prime1cast (LAUREL, MD) Dec 14, 2008

Member since Jan 2005

8 out of 10 gamers (80%) found this review helpful

First off lets not take this game on a serious level because if you do that than the scores would be a lot lower. What this game is, is a lot of fun just blowing up almost anything you want and moving around and immensive world. The story line is fair, nothing too new but it is a pretty long game something which not too many games now adays offer.
You are, yes a mercenary in Venezuela and you go around looking for loot. You get it by accepting contracts some of which can be fustruating and other plain fun because you can blow almost anything up. At times you seem to do the same mission over again but with some differences. You get to drive lots of vehicles and can even go online to play with a buddy.
Over all this is a good fun game that you should play, I don't think its a buy though as their are other games worth those hard earned dollars.

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