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Also on:PS3, Xbox 360
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posted by jkunze (MERRILL, WI) Jun 4, 2012

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I'm glad I'm getting these new games to try out instead of buying them and finding out that they aren't all that great. Graphics were fine for the Wii but the game play was very restrictive and I lost interest in it after playing for a half hour. I didn't even bother keeping it for a whole day. I put it back in the envelope and sent it back the next day.

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Just your typical licensed video game...

posted by TheGamersGhost2 (HENDERSON, NV) May 26, 2012

Member since May 2012

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Much like the completely uninspired title, MIB: Alien Crisis leaves you wanting more. The game is nothing more than a mix-up of dull action, horrible stealth, and a poor attempt at the "investigative" side of the MiB.
You play through the story as Peter Delacoeur, a petty thief and conspiracy theorist turned MiB agent when he gets mixed up into what winds up being the games boring plot.
Much like the story, the action grows weary after the first 30 minutes of gameplay, and since it's so quick to rush you into each game type, there's no variety by the games conclusion.
Your arsenal is nothing more than extraterrestrial versions of the usual weapons found in a FPS / TPS game. Don't expect super-effective ray guns and impressive plasma rifles as you'll find yourself disappointed.
There's little about MiB: Alien Crisis that is redeeming - save for the fact that you can play through a V.R. mission style segment with up to 3 friends. Misery certainly does love company.

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A Crisis That’s Not Worth Your Time or Money

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) May 26, 2012

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I get the feeling that someone hit the makers of the game with that memory-erasing device the Men in Black use in the movies. Why? Because this game feels like a standard rail shooter; a rail shooter that came out years ago for the Wii.
In this game you’ll play as a new recruit, Agent P. Your will spend most of your time blasting aliens with a group of weapons that include a pair of pistols, to shotguns, and a small handgun that packs a wallop. There are attachments to the guns that slow down time, freeze enemies, put enemies in bubbles or put up a shield.
If you’ve played games like Heavy Fire: Afghanistan or Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Wii versions), then you’ve seen this type of play. You hide behind barriers, blast the enemies, then move on to the next part. I had some basic fun playing through the eight chapters of the main mode.
Problem is the gameplay gets very repetitive; you’ll blast the same aliens with the same guns. Even the boss fights have little imagination in them.
They try to break up the monotony with segments where you fly about in a car while blasting aliens on cycles, you ask a few questions, scan several items, or solve a simple puzzle. But these diversions felt like they were tacked on at the last moment.
Another thing that felt like it was tacked on was the multiplayer aspect. You and only one other player can play very small segments of the story on at a time or cooperatively. But the fun’s over far too soon.
Fact is, the whole game is over far too soon. It will take about three to five hours to get through the story part of the game – and there’s very little reason to go back and give it a second or third go. This is far too short for a game costing $40.
Men in Black: Alien Crisis is another reason why they should stop making movie-based games; you don’t get your money’s worth. SKIP IT.

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