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Really Bad

Men in Black: Smash and Grab

posted by Spellmetal (SPRING HILL, FL) Dec 14, 2013

Member since Dec 2013

Do you like rail shooters? How about cover-based shooters? Does it then seem logical to blend those genres together? Of course not, because it then creates garbage like this. After all, who would want to play a game where you can only move from side to side, cover being on both sides of your whole range of movement? Not that the cover does anything, because you'll be hiding behind dumpsters with your head and shoulders exposed, your whole body is exposed when hiding behind most forms of cover, and you cannot aim to your flanks (enemies have the tendency to spawn and camp there). You'll take constant damage, but have no fear, because nearly every enemy will drop health. The game is littered with horrible design flaws from start to the half way point, where I had to stop because the bad guy turns out to be, say it with me now, a nerd who can't talk to women and plays with action figures. This is a cliche so tired, I couldn't continue playing past that cutscene, which was about two hours into the game. The cutscenes are so poor, the characters' hair is floating above their heads, lip syncing is a joke, and the stupid pug from the second movie threatens to bite you for the first hour of game. Character models appear to be about seven years obsolete and the plot is a poor excuse for a series of unrelated bits of mindless shooting and stealth sections. Yes, stealth sections. In a rail shooter. Mind you, the first stealth section has you gunning through MIB Headquarters. You're not exploring it, mind you, but they are so mad at you for killing (or despawning in a hideous effect) the guards, that they offer you a job anyways. The main character is supposed to be sarcastic, but doesn't quite grasp the subtleties. The second boss fight is interrupted three times by cutscenes and you can be instantly killed, which will happen a bunch. Avoid this disturbing retroactive continuity.

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This game isn't worth the achievements.

posted by Taurus99a (CARNEGIE, PA) Jul 9, 2013

Member since Sep 2008

This game is terrible. You are forced to plod through way too many levels shooting at far too many aliens. I have no idea what the plot is about because I simply spammed (A) throughout. There is no gameplay- no game at all. In lieu of a game they just throw a ton of aliens at you and you're forced to sit there, fingers growing tired, hoping to hit that one alien sniping from so far away you can hardly see it. I hope you're prepared to deal with dozens of aliens shooting at you from every angle.
My heart goes out to the unlucky coders who spent years in college with dreams of making the next big game only to slave away on this festering, God awful game.
Seriously, this is a waste of a bad movie license. If you're going for the achievements, you'll grow tired of the repetive gameplay and long for something else.
By far, the best moment of this game was dropping it the mailbox.

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Bad game, easy achievements.

posted by kingbigums (LEXINGTON, KY) Jun 2, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

This game is terrible. Its like an on rail shooter game only you can move about slightly from side to side when prompted to do so. The few levels that allow you to move around and "investigate" are plagued with stiff and clunky controls. This game does have very easy achievements but, the only downfall is you have to beat the game at least twice. Which is just crazy to think about. If your up too the challenge to take on a bad game to get some easy points than be my guess.

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