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Megamind - Ultimate Showdown


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GF Rating


Easy Game

posted by greatgamer9988 (ROSEMARY BEACH, FL) Feb 4, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

I got platinum in like 1-2 days and it is very easy platinum. It is not the best game I've ever played but that game was my 2nd Platinum. Its just too easy for anyone. You don't even have to hunt for the trophies to get Platinum it might just pop up.

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GF Rating


Easy platinum, fun while it lasts

posted by cleverendeavor (LAFAYETTE, CO) Jan 5, 2012

Member since Jan 2012

As others have mentioned, this is the easiest platinum trophy you will ever earn. If you are a trophy hunter, you may stop reading now and go rent the game.

I enjoyed the movie Megamind when I saw it in theatres and was pleasantly surprised by how the characters were handled for this game. The game has a familiar sense of humor if you have seen the movie. For example, whenever Megamind references the final boss Blue Titan, his subtitles read, "Blue Tighten."

The gameplay is simplistic, easy, and repetitive, but the game is also over much too quickly for it to grate on my nerves. The ability to power up weapons only made the game that much easier as enemies did not seem to become more powerful even as Megamind did. What did start to wear on me was the game's absolute refusal to allow the player to solve puzzles (already very simple) for themself. Minion is always there to tell you to flip a switch or pick up a key item, just in case you couldn't figure it out on your own.

There is no real incentive to re-play the game (and you will get a platinum on your first run without the need for a trophy guide), but it kept me entertained for about 3 hours.

This game is perfect for a weekend rental. If it were not for the simplicity of the game and its length, it would actually be a pretty decent title.

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GF Rating


Really easy but fun

posted by x9ZachAttack5x (FRANKLIN, TN) Dec 8, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

I'm about to beat the game and I have only had it for a day so far. 1 play through I'm about to earn my 7th platinum! Really fun game. I reccomend this to anyone from the ages of 10-17 :D!

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