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Mega Man Zero 3


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GF Rating

154 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Mega Man Zero 3

Control Pad Move Cursor
A Button Confirm Selection
B Button Cancel/Back

Control Pad Left/Right = Move Zero. Up/Down = Climb Ladders. Up = Talk and Enter Doorways.
A Button Jump
B Button Attack With Main Weapon. Use Sub-Weapon (While Holding Down R Button).
L Button Dash. Toggle Cyber Elves List From Sub Screen. Toggle Status Screen From EX Skills Screen and Elf Data Screen.
R Button Use Sub Weapon (With B Button). Toggle EX Skills Screen >From Sub Screen. Toggle Options Screen From EX Skills Screen and Elf Data Screen
Combo #1 Press Jump + Control Pad Toward Wall = Wall Kick
Combo #2 Wall Kick + L Button = Super Wall Kick