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Mega Man Zero 2

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Easy lives

Keep returning to The Desert Ambush to gain more 1-ups.


Equip Ultimate Form, then use Buster Shot. Keep pressing Down/Forward + B (for Buster attack). Anything in front of you will be obliterated.

How to use the Whip

The whip get far items, but more importantly it can also move some heavy cubes and perform a swinging move. Press and hold B while in the air, and when it grapples onto something, push Left or Right to swing. Release B to let go the Whip. You can dash when using the Shield/Boomerang. Have the shield in hand, then push Dash + Left or Right simultaneously. If done correctly, you should be dash jumping with the Shield. Another trick is to dash jump off walls with the Shield. This is done by pressing and holding Dash and jumping onto a wall and climbing it.

How to beat robot x

is easy after you get a gibber. To beat him the first time if he turns red use lightning (remember you must charge to use a element). And if he turns blue use fire to do extra damage. And when he turns green use ice. The second time he turns into a big angel looking thing. Here gibber helps and also one of those bee looking cyber elfs. Two pole things will knock down most of the ground. The\'ll spread out and you can wall kick them to reach x\'s head (when his claws cover his face he shoots circle things that wrap you up and will most likely kill you if he wraps you up and your wall kicking).

Gain more level with Chain Rod

Keep hitting on a life or money object to earn more attack points.