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its about time DS owners got a new megaman game!

posted by drunkyb (FORT WORTH, TX) Sep 21, 2006

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If you are a fan of platforming games, you will find satisfaction in this title. This game looks and feels very similar to the Zero games on the gba, and that is a good and bad thing. The graphics are almost the =exact= same, which is mildly disappointing - however like they say - if it aint broke, dont fix it. This title plays like a standard platformer, except it is a bit more fun than most. As far as DS platforming games are concerned, Castlevania DoS is a better title than this one (not by much), however this is definately the second best available on this system, and yes - it is better than New Super Mario Brothers. Capcom has made all nintendo fans wait for a new and great megaman title (it seems as if theyve exclusively focused on the PSP this year), however trust me when I say this game was well worth the wait. Excellent story, multiple characters to play, easy, normal, and (unlockable) hard modes give this game a lifespan that is unusual for a megaman title. The only downside, as I said earlier, is in the graphics department - but the gameplay makes up for it, as do the amazing (and thankfully subbed, not dubbed) anime scenes featuring X and Zeros new looks. Very fun, very entertaining, a must play for all Nintendo DS owners.

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super ultimate omega fantastic game

posted by mmzxfan (Ripley, WV) Sep 25, 2006

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4 out of 9 gamers (44%) found this review helpful

I honestly don't see how this game could not get anything other than 10\10 cause it is not just graphics it is the action that takes place throughout this intensifying game. The models and how to obtain depending on the number of times you hit the model on the boss totaly kicks butt. I also enjoy the fascinating fact of the 2 stories and how they can tell different things about the new zx story lines. So if you read this and did not rate it a 10 then you are either 1)stupid, 2)not a true megaman fan, or 3)you just play and rate it trying to be cool when you are undoubtly SICK.

thank you

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This isn't better than Megaman Zero... it's worse!

posted by ArcadeGuy (BROOKLYN, NY) Nov 4, 2006

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Megaman ZX is an action platformer in which you play as a boy (or girl) who finds an artifact which gives him the powers of Megaman X. Your character's boss finds the artifact to gain the powers of Zero. Unfortunately, this nostalgic redux of two of gaming's coolest heroes ends far too soon when early in the game, your character is given both artifacts and combines them to become "Megaman ZX". (Megaman ZX, oddly enough, is really just Zero, but not as cool looking.) As you progress through the game, you gain more artifacts and are able to turn into other superheroes.

The game's ultimate flaw is its structure. The game went for a "Metroidvania" approach, in which, instead of having multiple stages, the game is one very large stage comprised of smaller areas connected to each other. The problem is that there is no real map of the areas, just a misleading visual layout of all the areas by name and what areas they are adjacent to. Area A may be placed to the left of Area B, but that in no way means you would reach area A by going left -- the door can just as well be on the wrong side. Without a real map, it's hard to find your way around.

The other problem is that when you choose to take on a mission, the game leaves it to you to get to the area where the mission takes place.

Some of the missions are reduced to obscure scavenger hunts rather than action.

All in all, the game is barely playable without a guide.

The game doesn't attempt to create exciting or interesting gameplay scenarios as a good, focused action game should. The area layout doesn't allow for it... the stages are pretty underwhelming and for the most part are designed to be walked through. There really is no exploration, since you choose a mission out of a list and then have to find the designated area.

There's really not much here to be excited about.

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