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No balance

posted by skullY (RICHLAND, WA) May 12, 2006

Member since May 2006

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Ah, Megaman. I remember begging my parents for a NES back in the day. It was a struggle to get them to buy many games for me, so I rented games a lot because that was easier. I probably spent enough on rental fees to buy a Megaman cart twice over that summer.

Sadly, the Megaman X series lost something crucial: the balance.

It's ridiculously easy to get through the levels to the main boss. If you can't get to the main boss of any level with at least 75% of your life remaining, return the game and fill your queue up from the children's section.

However, once you get to the end-level boss it's OMG PWNED time. In many cases getting hit by the enemy or their main weapon just once will kill you.

The high points of the game is that the music and characters are spot-on Megaman. The low point is the mind-numbingly easy levels followed by the really hard bosses.

If you're looking to torture yourself by repeatedly playing the same easy levels over and over again while you make your way to the boss for the 5,236,352th time in a row, this game is for you. If you're looking for nostalgia, grab the Mega Man Aniversary collection instead.

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Very Good

Mega Man X Collection Review

posted by tammara (SAINT CHARLES, MO) May 20, 2011

Member since May 2011

Mega Man was a great NES game.Now when the SNES came out,Mega Man fans got something a little different in 1993.That was Mega Man X. It was so great.But I'm not reviewing that game.I'm reviewing the super rare,Mega Man X collection. It has X-X6.So I'm going to go over them in one sentence.X1 is my favorite.X2 is pretty good,not as good as X1.X3 was brutaly hard but it's a little less then X2.X4 is my 2nd favorite.X5 3rd favorite.X6 is ok,but some people hate it.Also,if your a rage quiter, don't get this game. It's pretty hard.Overall,this game get's an 8/10 with a title of AWESOME!

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GF Rating



posted by RikuMitsunari (PRINCETON, WV) Feb 21, 2012

Member since Feb 2012

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This is definitely a game worth playing. If you played Meg Man before, then you're going to want this. It's good, classic, and it will keep you entertained. The only rough edges I have with this game, is that it can be a bit difficult, but that makes it all the more challenging! I even got so mad at this, I almost broke my friend's dresser! But I kept trying. That's the magic of the game.

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