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Not beaten to death just yet

posted by arbiter971 (FEEDING HILLS, MA) Aug 19, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

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Capcom games often, for lack of a better term, fall on hard times. Whether it's squeezing the juices out of Viewtiful Joe or beating the Resident Evil-remakes to death, it seems like whenever Capcom has a brilliant idea, they run it into the ground.

The most recent case is the Battle Network franchise. Back in 2001, when Capcom released the original Battle Network, it was praised by critics and gamers. 6 years and 5 games later...not so much. So, when Capcom said they wanted to branch away from the BN games with Star Force, nobody was too surprised.

And...they didn't succeed.

Besides a few tweaks story-wise (replace "internet" with "EM waves"), this is exactly the same as any Battle Network game you've ever played. But that doesn't mean it's that bad...

You play as Geo Stelar, a young antisocial kid who meets up with an Alien from Planet FM. Throughout the game, you'll constantly be fighting against other FM-ians who've merged with lonely people. While you're in the Wave World, you can enter machines and devices.

While the story's setting definitely has some awesome potential, the game fails to live up to it. Littered with predictable events and annoying fetch-quests, many parts of the game feel like a complete chore.

Battles in the game take place only in the Wave World. While walking on the Wave Road, you are susceptible to random encouters with varying groups of enemies. The battles take place on a 3X6 grid, where enemies can move around freely, but you are stuck to side-stepping.

But the game's focus isn't on storytelling or exploring, but on socializing. The game's three versions (Leo, Pegasus, and Dragon) each hold subtle differences and exclusive content. This content can be unlocked in the other versions by connecting with friends via Wireless or Wifi.

For those who've played a few of the Battle Network games, Star Force is more of the same. For those of us who have played maybe one or two BN games, you'll find a game worth playing.

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Simple but pretty revisioning of Battle Network.

posted by geldonyeti (BATTLE GROUND, WA) Oct 25, 2007

Member since Jul 2007

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I admit I have not deeply played this game, but that in itself is a sign of how little it managed to grab my attention. I think this game is mostly suited to the young or young at heart. As for me, I found the plot to be a just a bit too sappy.

As for the game itself, it's a revision of the popular Megaman Battle Network series, but it's not an entirely good one.

Sure, every thing's bright and colorful, it's kinda interesting how they combined the cyber-world with the game's real world, and the battle sequences are in 3D now...

However, I think the game itself has become a bit less deep. Less options are given to the player. The chip system is simpler. In combat, you're restricted to three panels of movement where you once had nine. Though I had not gone far in a game, checking an online resource confirms there's not even a Navi Customizer anymore.

Overall, kids might like this game, but veteran gamers who had played the previous games will be turned off by the streamlining.

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posted by yinyang22 (CHATTANOOGA, TN) Aug 12, 2009

Member since Apr 2009

i hated the star puzzle where u had to connect the dots which was a lot harder then it seems its the reason i couldnt beat the games.

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