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Mega Man Star Force 3: Black Ace


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megaman star force 3 black ace

posted by zack836 (LITTLE ELM, TX) Oct 17, 2009

Member since Oct 2009

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i think this game is not what i expected and you should be able to shoot without in battle and the battle scene are horrible the only good part of the game to me is changing form.

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Good but lacking

posted by capthavic (ATHOL, MA) Aug 2, 2014

Member since Mar 2011

Overall a decent game though it does have a few issues. Fights were rarely challenging, and even then it was mostly because some enemies/bosses have cheap and hard to avoid attacks. The noise shifting system never effected my play style or anything notable. And finally it wasn't until the very last boss that I ever got to use the black ace form because fights never lasted long enough to built up enough noise levels until that last battle...which is sad.

It looks nice, the music is good, and the story while standard is well told. If you liked the previous Star Force games and/or Battle Network series then you will probably enjoy this too.

It had some good ideas but the execution of them could have been done better.

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MegaMan is always fun, After Game is Best

posted by ichiji (OAKLAND, CA) Jan 17, 2010

Member since Apr 2006

Like most MegaMan BattleNetwork/StarForce titles, this installment offers colorful graphics, an engaging battle engine, and a story line in which a young boy manages to save the world a few times. And like most of the titles, the after game challenges of getting all the battle cards and fulfilling all the side quests is the best part.

Some detailed suggestions. The plus-sign controller of the DS makes it difficult to control the movement of the character in most non-battle environments, because most of the required movement is catercorner to the controller direction. It's irritating to die many deaths by falling off a cliff because the controller isn't responding. There should be more editable battle folders and they should be able to employ overlapping cards -- it's annoying to shuffle cards in and out to equip for different elemental foes, when it's not possible to get duplicates of many cards. There is way too much dialog in the basic game story line, and it's not very interesting. (Not even to a third grade audience. The game is ostensibly directed to children, but the aftergame play is difficult enough that I would not imagine most children would be interested in it. So the adults are paging through some very inane stuff.) Like most Megaman veterans I was trying to get to the after game as quickly as possible, and the endless insipid chatter was annoying. A place to write down the codes for the card store would have been helpful-- it's an easy feature to build into a DS game.

Oh, and as a public service, it's nearly impossible to get Malwizard 3 by fighting the virus of the same name. (It has 500HP and it's difficult to deliver the blow fast enough to get an S rating.) So don't waste your time like I did. But it can be found in the Black Hole server -- it came seemingly randomly while fighting other viruses.

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