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Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker x Ninja


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Obtaining Giga class cards AND tricks to using them.

Simple, In one point in the game, youll get a blank card. In your pack, (The area where unused cards go) youll see a black card. When the cursor is over that card or you press 'A' on it, It will bring the Wave Command. Now, I donnot have many specific codes, but I do have a couple recomended codes: 1. QFHLTE LeoKingdomGX (Useful when your in Solo King form. The one I discussed in the other codes area, youll notive the damage can do a massive 110 PER HIT!!!! This card does 10-30 hits at least, so practically a good combo!). 2. SHTFRG FlyingImpact (This little card can be obtained way later in the game. But who wants to wait? Just use that black card WAMO! You got your self a card that does 500 damage! But again, In the Solo King form as I said earlier, does twice the damage, plus some! So practically, the must Ive seen done is 1020 damage. But, This has a downside, like QueenOphiuca, When used in the middle row, It will strike the left and the middle row. So if you want it on the right, You need to be only on the right.) Make use of these two, And have solo king form, and youll be Immortal! And yes, it is good against bosses!