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Rad for hardcore oldschool and begenner Gamers

posted by Lunar13 (CHAPEL HILL, NC) Apr 16, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

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I remember when I first played the original version of this game. I was so wowed by the graffics, gameplay and catchy music. But man was it HARD! As they say, "like regular NES hard!" This is a game that helped with that phrase. Anyway, back in that day all the kids who played these old games, I remember it takeing us months on end to finish a game. And it was mainly becuase games didnt have save features, and you just had to have the skill in order to get through a game.

Fast forward to 2006, now games have all these nifty game mechanics, combos, weapons, and special abilities that make the game way easy. Then all of a sudden they re-release the original megaman with updated graphics but retained the original gameplay mechanics.

This game is just as hard as the original, if not slightly easier(mainly becuase of the widescreen and shoulder buttons perhaps). There is alot of challenge in this game, and thats where it stands tall. And if the main game isnt challenging enough, they have a chalenge mode where the mini missions can get insaine to almost impossible to beat.

Graphically it is beutiful. Nice stylized chibi look with very smooth animation. The new music remixes are done very well, but some of them sound very relaxing and happy where as the original sounded more duanting and action packed.

The extra features is really what makes this game a game people would want to buy and not just rent. First you can play as any of the 8 robot masters if you beat them with only useing your mega buster. Second there are the many challenge levels. And finally, the big one, you can design your on levels!! Not only that, you can up load them so others can play them, or download ones other people have made! This gives this game infinate "replay-ability". And this alone makes this game worth buying.

This will probly be a turn off to people who need flashy eye canding and 3D roaming around gameplay. But for the die hard mega fans, its awesome

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The Way Remakes Should Be Made

posted by darkcloud9 (LONG BEACH, CA) Apr 14, 2006

Member since Mar 2006

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Mega Man Power Up is a remake of the first mega man game that appeared way back in the 80's for the NES.

This game has 2 modes. One is the original, which remains untouched. The second one is the power up version, which has re-desing levels and two new bosses with easy, normal and difficult setting. You can also play as the bosses which increases the replay value of the game. If that not enough the game features 100 different challeges.

The downside of the game is that the characters were made to look cute. Still, this is an amazing game especially if you love the old-school mega man games.

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megaman powered up is the best megaman yet.

posted by iamironman (DAMMERON VALLEY, UT) Jun 25, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

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I spent most of the time making and playing my custom made levels.I also liked playing other people's levels.Downloading new pieces to build with and characters to play as is awesome. The new bosses are cool and the choice to play the new and old version of the game is cool. The only bad thing is you can't use whatever pieces you want but the game makes up for that by being able to be the bosses you defeat. This game deserves no less than a 9.5

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