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Mega Man Maverick Hunter X


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Armor locations: Leg Capsule

Flame Mammoth's stage; in a small room which can be accessed by jumping up the left side of a wall after falling through the first long fall.

Armor locations: Head Capsule

Chill Penguin's stage; beyond blocks that must be kicked by using the Leg Upgrade. The blocks are found on the right side of a wall in the base.

Boss weaknesses: Boomerang Kuwanger

Weak against: Homing Torpedo Resistant to: Boomerang Cutter, X Buster Upgrades: Boomerang Cutter

Boss weaknesses: Sting Chameleon

Weak against: Boomerang Cutter (stops his current attack) Resistant to: Chameleon Sting, X Buster Upgrades: Chameleon Sting, Buster Capsule

Boss weaknesses: Spark Mandrill

Weak Against: Shotgun Ice (freezes him) Resistant to: Electric Spark, X Buster Upgrades: Electric Spark

Boss weaknesses: Storm Eagle

Weak against: Chameleon Sting (limits his swooping move) Resistant to: Storm Tornado Upgrades: Storm Tornado, Body Capsule

How to Defeat Boss Spider

To defeat Boss Spider, try to stay away from the laser. If it misses, blast it with either storm tornado or fire wave. To defeat its babies just use your storm tornado.

Armor locations: Body Capsule

Storm Eagle's stage; beyond blocks that must be broken with the Head Upgrade. It is after the thin tower that you climb.

Armor locations: Buster Capsule

Sting Chameleon's stage; after climbing up a cliff in the beginning of the level. The Dash Upgrade is needed. Just destroy the green robot.

Boss weaknesses: Flame Mammoth

Weak against: Storm Tornado, Boomerang Cutter (removes his trunk) Resistant: Flame Wave, X Buster Upgrades: Flame Wave, Leg Capsule

Boss weaknesses: Launch Octopus

Weak against: Rolling Shield, Boomerang Cutter (removes his tentacles) Resistant to: Homing Torpedo, X Buster

Boss weaknesses: Chill Penguin

Weak against: Flame Wave Resistant to: Shotgun Ice Upgrades: Shotgun Ice, Head Capsule

Boss weaknesses: Armored Armadillo

Weak against: Electric Spark (removes his shield) Resistant to: Rolling Shield, X Buster Upgrades: Rolling Shield