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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Hidden bonuses

Highlight the "Bonus Mode" option at the opening menu, then hold L + R and press Start. An "Animation Test" option that allows all FMV sequences to be viewed will now be unlocked. Enter the "Voice Test" menu to find that more options for all the Bosses are now unlocked.

First hit in Boss battles

REMEMBER: This can be done in Mega Man 3 through 8. Before you enter the room where you fight the Boss, charge your Mega Buster. When the battle starts, release the button and you will hit the Boss first. REMEMBER: Some Bosses may vary. This will not work on heavily armored or protected Bosses.

Play any game

To play any game with completing one at a time, start a new game and defeta any Boss. After the autosave, go to main menu by pressing Back, and start any game with your current saved game already in memory.

Posing Mega Man

Remain idle at the game selection, new game, load, or main menu and Mega Man will do a pose.

Mega Man 2 The Power Fighters Street Fighter moves

Hold Up while you charge to do Street Fighters moves.

Mega Man 2 Double Slash

Press B + X.

Mega Man 2 Alternate background

Hold X + A when selecting a Boss to place Pipi birds flying in the background.

Mega Man 4 through Mega Man 8 More damage

Charge your Buster, release, and quickly tap again. You will do a little added damage. If done correctly, you will shoot a big blast with a small one inside it. This works well on Sniper Joes and various armored enemies.

Mega Man 6 Change forms

When you get the Jet, Power or both Adapters, rotate the Right Analog-stick in a full circle to change forms.

Mega Man 7 Hidden music

Hold X + Y and press A to select Shade Man. Music from the Capcom game Ghouls 'n' Ghosts will be played.

Music differences

In the original NES Mega Man games (1 through 6), the music does not loop the introduction of each song. In the altered games (Anniversary Collection), the music loops the entire song rather than the second part of the it, as was done in the original versions.