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Mega Man Anniversary Collection

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Also on:Xbox, GC
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Gameplay Controls

Mega Man Anniversary Collection

Directional Buttons Move Mega Man. Select Menu items.
X Button Jump. Confirm. Slide (DOWN + X Button; Mega Man 3 - 8 only). Scroll through Mission Screens in some games.
Triangle Button Autofire (Mega Man 1 - 6 only). Cancel.
Square Button Fire. Hold down to charge your weapon, and release to fire (Mega Man 4 - 8 only).
Circle Button Slide (Mega Man 3 - 6 only)
L2 Button Change Rush parts
L1 Button Change weapons
R2 Button Change Rush parts
R1 Button Change weapons
Start Button Opne/Close Sub-Screen
Select Button Display Exit Game menu. In Navi Mode, view game hints.
Left analog stick (L3 Button when pressed down) Move Mega Man. Select Menu items.