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Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest


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Gameplay Controls

Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest
Move Button
Choose Path. Zoom in on Target (Hold).
T Button
Hold Throwing Star (Hold). Grab Grappling Hook (Hold, While Pointing PS Move Down).
Melee Attack. Move Cursor.
Block with Shield
Aim Throwing Star
Throw Star
Aim Grappling Hook. Aim Bow. Fire (Release).
Draw Bow
Drink Milk
Hold Move Button while lifting the PS Move near your mouth.
Light Dynamite
Hold T Button then hide the sphere on the PS Move from the PlayStation Eye camera.
Throw Dynamite
Activate Amulet
Hold T Button and Move Button and place the PS Move at your chest when your Amulet is fully charged.
Grab an Arrow
Reach over your shoulder with the PS Move and hold the T Button while pulling the PS Move out from behind your back.