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Really Bad

OMG, This Game is Bad!

posted by Sherimar (TAMPA, FL) Nov 30, 2009

Member since Sep 2007

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I rented this thinking that Medieval style mini-games would be fun. They are, but the interface that you must endure to play the games is unbearable. Three main things I don't like about this game are the problem with recognizing wii-motes for multiple players, the SLOW response to inputs that the game has, and the fact that you must play with the computer player(s) unless you have four people playing.

We had three people attempting to play the game. One of them quit in the frustration of trying to get Medieval Games to recognize the wi-motes. We had fully-charged wii-motes that work perfectly well for other games. We had to leave the Medieval Games game to get all the wii-motes to be recognized by the system, then when we re-entered the game -- one wii-mote stopped responding during the game. When we went back to the wii menu, it worked fine. This was very weird. I have never had a game behave like this before. We even tried restarting the Wii, but this did not resolve the issue.

When we were playing the game, the response-time for selecting an option seemed really SLOW. We measured delays of 3 seconds. This does not seem like much, but over a whole game this amounts to 1 minute and 36 seconds of just waiting for the game to accept your inputs. It gets boring to wait.

Along these same lines is the fact that you cannot elect to play a full game without computer players unless there are four human players. Add to the pain that the computer characters normally EXCEL at every mini-game and you can feel the fun slipping away.

I hoped that this game would be good. I wanted this game to be good. Unfortunately this game has flaws that make it bad. I do not recommend that anyone get this game.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Put This Game In The Iron Maiden And Execute It!

posted by RetroNerd (AUSTIN, TX) Oct 23, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

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Medieval Games, like other unfortunate Wii titles, has a great concept in mind, but is poorly executed. I rented this game expecting a nice party game that combined the flavor of a renaissance fair with a large number of mini-games most Wii titles are known for. Unfortunately, what we found was a game with sluggish controls, an AI that steals the fun, and a design obviously lifted from Super Mario 8.
GRAPHICS: OK. Granted, most owners didn't purchase a Wii for the graphics, but other games have been developed for the fun factor and still have decent graphics. MG is not one of those games. Choppy cutscenes and blocky characters make MG look like a klunky Gamecube title.
AUDIO: OK. I didn't come expecting to be wowed by the audio in MG, but at least it was more inviting than the graphics. The voices provided a sense of being surrounded by actors in a faire (although the red witch sounded alot like Magicka from DuckTales). That being said, there were many times when the voices did not coincide with some of the animatronic-like characters and the cutscenes were rather droll and made me want to skip them each time.
CONTROLS: TERRIBLE. The controls in MG are perhaps the worst I've experienced in a Wii game. Extremely sluggish, the controls are often unresponsive and sometimes complicated for younger kids. Catapults: overly complicated and difficult to control. Chickenfight: you'll never know how to hold your wiimote til the game starts. Jousting: jittery. Fighting the Black Knight was the worst, even for a veteran gamer like me.
GAMEPLAY: TERRIBLE. If you must play MG, be sure to play with 4 players. MG requires 4 players at all times, whether they be human or AI. That wouldn't be too much of a problem if it weren't for the fact that AI players are cheating knaves and there's no way to change the difficulty level. Add the fact that you're playing a cheap version of Mario Party 8, and you'll soon be asking yourself "Why am I playing this?"

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This Game Needs Fixing

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Oct 28, 2009

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Member since Jan 2008

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Mario and his friends and enemies are off to a fantasy kingdom where… wait a second, this isn’t the latest Mario Party game.
Medieval Kingdom plays a lot like Mario Party. You pick the three opponents (player and/or AI) and go off on three boards. Your task is to get to the squares where you can obtain stars - I mean magical treasures.
Along the way, you play mini games against the opponents, gaining gold for every mini game won. Other spaces give you gold, take gold away from you, give you treasure, or move you to another spot on the game board.
The first two boards are good for a set number of turns. Whoever gets the most items wins. If there’s a tie, whoever has the most gold wins.
The third board requires you to obtain three magical objects (treasures) and move to a certain space to fight off a dragon in a (guess what) mini game.
Now, there’s nothing about this that I find wrong (I would’ve liked more boards). However, there are a vast number of minor issues when it comes to playing the mini games.
There are archery games that require you to hold the A and B button down just to see your crosshairs.
There are fighting games with overly simplistic and sloppily implemented controls. Several times I wanted to do a low attack, but the game has me doing a high attack instead.
There are games where you fire a catapult. But these controls are needlessly complex; you have to hold the Wiimote in the vertical position to get the furthest shot. It would be much simpler if you just hold the B button a short time for short shots or longer for deeper shots.
These small tech issues really ruin the compilation. Even the option of playing the games solo or as part of a mini tournament doesn’t help.
Medieval Games could’ve been a great cheap alternative to Mario Party, but control issues ruin it. SKIP IT.

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