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Fun game

posted by Soul8Death (FOND DU LAC, WI) Apr 15, 2013

Member since Dec 2012

when u play this have an open mind and enjoy some of the funny comments and then feel 4 the characters it is a sad game but it the weapons are great it takes some time getting use 2 the weapons but oh the fun u have playing this game and try and get the achievements R worth playing again and c if u can get them and try better.

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posted by haloknight (ORANGE PARK, FL) Apr 12, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

Played Medal of Honor Warfighter which is a sequel to this game got this game and loved it all the same, great story and great ending, Medal of Honor is amazing it could even be better than call of duty, make sure to play Medal of Honor Warfighter if you play this game.

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Good, not great, but different that CoD

posted by SpacePanda229 (WHITE HALL, MD) Jan 15, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

A first person shooter, similar to many others. So, whats different?

(Note: This is based purely on campaign information)

To start, other than one half on one mission, you always have a teammate by your side, so you're never alone. Also, they will provide you with infinite ammo for your "American" guns, any guns dropped by the enemy they can't give ammo for. So basically, fire away, you can always get more ammo.

The story is ok, nothing amazing but not useless. Your teammates tend to always be the same people, so that is nice not having to remember 500 different soldier names. This story ties into MoH:Warfighter, so remembering the few names given wouldnt hurt.

The level and terrain can get boring. This all takes place in or around Afghanistan, so while there is some variation in the background and design, it isnt highly noticeable, although the sunlight effects can be both challanging and annoying.

Peak and Lean is an amazing tool to use in this game, and more games should include it. Most shooters have 3 stances you can be in, standing, crouched, and prone. With Peak and Lean, you can hide behind almost any obstacle and find a way to shoot around it while still being in cover. The enemy uses Peak and Lean as well, so they tend to change where they peak out from obstacles to shoot back at you, you cant just place the crosshair above their head and wait for them to stand back up.

While the main game is fairly generic, they have a few great levels. One level you are the gunner for an Apache Chopper, and that is very entertaining. Two other levels, you get a lazer designator to rain he'll on earth from an AC-130, again, very entertaining.

Overall, this game would get a 6 for a bulk of the campaign and an 8 for the levels that are different and for some of the entertaining Achievements you can do.

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