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Huge disappointment

posted by Tesseract4 (HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA) Oct 16, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

29 out of 45 gamers (64%) found this review helpful

The single player campaign is OK. Just OK. And it paints Tier one as a bunch of insubordinate cowboys. For all that was made of having actual US military involved in the game you would have thought they would have suggested portraying them better. Or maybe they had an agenda to try and make their superiors look incompetent. Yeah I get that in the story they were "right." But in the military insubordinate plus right doesn't equal ok. It often equals court marshal.

Multi-player is a joke. First the horrific net code. You will constantly find yourself getting killed by someone coming though an opening in front of you but only actually showing on your screen as the last bullet of the clip kills you. Likewise you will be getting shot as you run for cover, make the cover, only to die a second or two later because the other guy actually killed you before you made the cover. BFBC had this too but for whatever reason I found it far less infuriating. Second the snipers. The level design encourages some really awful play styles most of which revolve around sniping and spawn camping. All bolt action sniper rifles are one shot killed, regardless of range and where the bullet hits. This allows players to stay so far out of the action that they can at times be nearly impossible to find and kill. Third is the kill steaks. I actually kind of like how they work, only they add to the sniping and allow people of marginal skill to rock 10, 20, 30 and even 50 to 1 KDR. The formula is simple. snipe from afar, get your kill streak, launch it on the spawn, that may get you the next kill streak, wait a moment, launch that on spawn, snipe a few more times and before long there you are launching cruise missiles.

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To short.

posted by DBOX12 (ALBUQUERQUE, NM) Oct 17, 2010

Member since Dec 2008

12 out of 18 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I was loving everything about this game campaign, then it was over in 2 days. I was very disappointed. Online was fun, I loved the fact that you get achievments online, unlike Call of Duty. Overall a great rent not buy.

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I'm selling this the week after I bought this

posted by marooned (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) Oct 18, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

39 out of 63 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

This game has virtually nothing that makes it stand out from the competition it's trying to rip off.

I will go ahead and start by saying I bought this game for the multiplayer experience, because I've enjoyed DICE games in the past and I saw that they developed the multiplayer.

Well, two completely separate companies developed the singleplayer and multiplayer, and I guess that makes sense because the two parts of the game feel like two separate games. Here's what's in singleplayer that didn't make it to multiplayer:

- Leaning and peeking
- Going prone
- Cookable grenades
- Selective fire modes for certain weapons
- Any sense of satisfaction

Here's a list of what's really, really realistic about the "super-authentic" singleplayer:

- Infinite ammo for your pistol.
- Your teammates are ammoboxes capable of carrying an unlimited amount of ammo only for the guns you spawn with.
- Your teammates can never die, unless you friendly-fire them enough.
- In the level Neptune's Nest, you fall a long distance, get up and are limping. A minute later you've gone prone to knife someone and you're capable of full-sprinting again.
- Taliban/AQ fighters are morons who only know how to stay in cover in one position, and will never vary where they peek out.
- Scripted airstrikes automatically kill all enemies who are alive in the area, even if they're only 2 feet away from you and you are unscathed.
- Hey nice bullet travel physics in the scripted Barrett sniper rifle parts of the game.
- Hey nice bullet travel physics at all!

About the multiplayer:

It's not even worth talking about. I bought this game because I saw DICE developed the multiplayer. Unfortunately, every thing that made DICE games good in the past is gone: destructible environments, squad support roles (medics, engineers, ammobox assault guys, etc.), and bullet-travel physics.

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