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Very Good

Blown Away! Worth a Purchase

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Oct 12, 2010

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I'm so happy I pre-ordered this game, because it's just sick. The campaign and online play are very satisfying, and everything about this game resembles Battlefield Bad Company. If you like Battlefield, this is a shoe-in. I am stunned at how realistic this game is, but especially the way the guns feel and sound. You won't be let down. The campaign is long and impressive (that's what she said), online play is deep, and it's super easy to unlock achievements...what more could you ask for?

Once again, it feels like playing Battlefield but blended in a TON of variety to keep things interesting. There's a very nice array of both stealthy and guns a blazin' missions. The environments are destructive like Battlefield, but nothing beats killing a bunch of Taliban terrorists.
- You can stab enemies relentlessly--just keep button mashing melee and your guy will stab this dirty terrorist 100 times on his way down. And if you stand over him you will crouch down and melee his corpse.
- More than a dozen deep missions, using tons of variety like AC 130s, mortars, laser guided missiles, sniping, etc. Blow the heads off the Taliban fruits with a nice snipe or close range shotgun.
- You can toggle night vision, thermal, and/or both.
- You carry 2 guns, but can double tap Y to auto change to a pistol with infinite ammo. You can also press X and a teammate will replenish your ammo. A few nice additions not seen elsewhere...

Also, very similar to Battlefield. You can choose between Assault, Spec Recon, or Sniper classes, each with diff 1st and 2nd guns, and attachments. You upgrade those by gaining EXP with each class, and can switch between them when you die. If you get picked off, switch to a sniper and go kill that little camper. Only complaint is there's already lots of Battlefield. There's variety in games like deathmatch, defend territory, and objective based modes. It's fun.

Milt Drucker- gamertag

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GF Rating

Very Good

It's not call of duty, so why compare to it?

posted by iKnowGames (DALY CITY, CA) Oct 12, 2010

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Medal of Honor is a great game, but from what I read people are comparing it to Call of Duty, thus the reason for the very low scores. This is a fantastic game, don't believe the hacked reviews from IGN.

IGN gave this a 6. Yeah right.

The Campaign for this game is filled with action and drama, the same stuff our loyal soldiers who risked there lives in Afghanistan went through. Not only that it actually looks real, and it feels real.

The Multiplayer is basically an upgraded version of Battlefield Bad Company 2, with more slick weapons, more upgrades, and a far faster pace. If you like Bad Company 2, you'll LOVE Medal of Honor. The Multiplayer and the Campaign are completely different. Multiplayer is a whole new beast. This isn't call of duty play boys, you don't lunge 50 feet into the enemy and suddenly get a kill. This game actually requires SKILL(Something the little MW2 Kids don't have) to be good at the game.

I highly recommend an FPS fan to check this game out. Don't believe the horrid hacks, IGN did the same thing last year with Bad Company 2 so people wouldn't buy it and spend there money on MW2.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Very good

posted by deadgame (CHICO, TX) May 26, 2011

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Medal of Honor could possibly be the most frustraiting multiplayer ever but other than that it is amazing! The story takes place and is about stuff that is actually happening unlike the COD series no offenses COD lovers I am one to but, it's the truth! The missions are long and enjoyable but the multiplayer UGHH! It is the most frustraiting thing I have ever played!!!!! It also has a very realalistic feel. Hope this helps!

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