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Good game but short

posted by koolcat (ORLANDO, FL) May 26, 2011

Member since Sep 2007

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This was a really well done single player FPS (I didn't play multiplayer). I like how they switch between different operatives: Seals, Rangers, Delta and a heli pilot. Each switch had a significant change in the gameplay and this might have been the first time I actually felt more involved in an FPS then in the past. You have to pay attention to what your AI buddy is saying. If he says, "headshot only on the Tango on your high 9, make it count", it actually has meaning then the usual chatter you typically ignore in a shooter.

Having the game set in the Middle East was topical and it actually did give you a feel for what real soldiers are going through, as well as how they might communicate and interact.

The weapons felt good and powerful. I like the aim functionality in the FrostBite engine where when you engage your sites, you come up on target if you are near an enemy. It avoids that frustrating "almost" got him aim you get in some games.

My only complaint was the length. If this game took 5 hours to get through, I would be surprised. It was short, but you do move quickly through levels, not alot of standing around so you are getting alot of bang for the time you are playing. I knocked off a point for the length.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Very Realistic

posted by mpemj23 (DULUTH, GA) Oct 13, 2010

Member since Aug 2006

152 out of 185 gamers (82%) found this review helpful

Being a former veteran this game is the closest in regards to the realism factor. The sequences were good in the Campaign even though the Frame Rate does some times slow the action. The Multiplayer is good but not exactly what I expected in regards to Multiplayer innovation.

The AI gets stuck occasionally in the Campaign which can get a bit ridiculous as I sometimes would have to shoot them once or twice to get them back on track. The story is well put together and definitely resembles the crazy times our soldiers endure and have to overcome. I want to say that this in no way should be compared to COD as it is a whole different experience and is based off of more realism than arcade or fiction. Tier One are real soldiers in a Elite unit that handle things we take for granted every day. I want to say I do thoroughly enjoy the COD series but am really into realism.

I am not a fan of the Battlefield series not because I don't like it but just doesn't get me fired up. This game very closely resembles Battlefield and in other ways has some of its own intricacies that make it worthwhile. The Multiplayer definitely has its own feel but to me is lacking in customization and has lots of bugs that should have been fixed as the Beta allowed them to get feedback and make the appropriate changes. The difference between a higher score for me was the bugs and AI as far as the rest it was spot on in realism and the story definitely engulfed and pulled me in.

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GF Rating


Great campaign poor multiplayer

posted by Metalhead3 (Pacific Grove, CA) Oct 14, 2010

Member since Mar 2007

45 out of 60 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

I wish I could rate this game for it's campaign and multiplayer seperately, but I cannot so the score got dropped down a bit.

This campain is awesome, you feel like part of the action and the story. Much better done that CoD's latest.

The graphics are top notch and are visually stunning on some of the missions.

If you have a home theater you will wat to crank it up, the sounds of
gunfire and explosions suck you into this game and are very well done.

The multipayer on the other hand is less than disireable for me. It seems cheep, the graphics are toned down compared to the campain and it's just not that much fun. It seems it was just rushed and added on because .. well, all games need some kind of multplayer how days.

This is defintely worth a rent for the singleplayer, I would hold off on buying it howerever, the online gets old real quick.

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