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Decent but flawed shooter

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Oct 18, 2010

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Moving the "Medal of Honor" series out of World War II seems like a no-brainer. After all, the "Battlefield" series and COD have all moved to the modern day, even if they are fictional countries. The 2010 iteration of MoH moves to the current war in Afghanistan, and it makes a good setting for the game. Mission objectives vary, from fall on firefights to stealth sniping to calling in airstrikes. The voice acting is good, and the chatter from your fellow soldiers has an authentic ring to it. Controls are your standard FPS setup, and for the most part they run smoothly. Sadly, not everything in this game does. The framerate drops on occassion, making things difficult. Backgrounds blur and don't always come into clear view (a real problem with the sniper missions). Enemy AI is nonexistent, as they often run right into fire or they take cover but fall into a pattern in sticking their heads out. For the most part you don't have to worry about being flanked, but invisible walls don't always let you flank either. Your squadmates AI isn't much better. They will often get in your line of fire, or simply refuse to follow. This makes for some frustration, particularily towards the end of the game. The game's 10 missions, while varied, will only take about 6-8 hours to complete, with no real reason to go back through. For those who go online there is a multiplayer, but I won't comment on that as I only play the singleplayer campaign. I hear most are enjoying it though, if that's any help. But if you're a single-player like myself, this is a rental only. It's a decent shooter, but it lacks some real "wow" moments, and you never really develop a connection to the characters. Still, it's worth playing, and for PS3 owners the Limited Edition has "Medal of Honor:Frontline" on the disc, so you can indulge in some nostalgic WWII action. Worth playing for shooter fans.

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Very Good

Great game... But.

posted by Soliaire (CINCINNATI, OH) Jan 9, 2011

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Great game if your into single player like I am. Only problem I have found with the game is at times you can get stuck waiting for the next trigger(checkpoint) to go through, but it doesn't and you have to reload and try again. Happened to me multiple times on the last mission, great game but the bugs really should have been fixed before shipping it out.

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MW2 with some BC2 mixed in...

posted by L0STSA1NT (BRENHAM, TX) Oct 13, 2010

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Let me start off by saying that I have read all the online reviews of this game and I feel like I am taking crazy pills!!! What the heck is going on with all of the bashing of this game? It reminds me of Darksiders in the sense that reviewers bashed it for not being as good as other blockbuster titles even though it was a great game.

>>> Single Player = 9/10 <<<

I feel like MoH has a better singleplayer experience than I got from MW, WaW, MW2, and BC2. Those other games felt like the story was fluff to give people someting to do while the servers were down. With MoH I finished the last mission and actually found myself moved by what I had played through. There have only been a handful of games that made me feel any emotion at all not to mention sadness that was grounded in the reality of the events that have taken place during the war in the recent years.

The only issues I ran into were...
1- Getting ahead of the squad mates voice acting
2- Grapic slow down in extreme action
3- Do not move while the game is "SAVING" let it run through the save before you continue

I can easily look past those issues because of the quality of game that MoH delievers is worth it!

>>> Multiplayer = 9.5/10 <<<

I have played about 6 hours of multiplayer and I had to force myself to go to bed last night. This game plays like BC2 in a MW2 arena. The maps are smaller like MW2, but they have the open feel of BC2 maps. There is plenty of cover to be found, but you do not have 2-3 choke points where very one gets bottled up like in MW2. I do not miss getting killed by helis, tanks, over-powered perks, knife runners, and noob tubers. For me this game is the perfect blend of MW2 and BC2 that I hoped it would be!

The character customization is broken into 3 classes. You have to unlock all the upgrades for those 3 classes over time similar to BC2. You start out basic, but once you start unlocking stuff the true character of the game shines through.

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