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Good for some online play.

posted by urby07 (COLEMAN, MI) Oct 16, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

To start off I made it to the second level in the single player campaign before the game constantly glitched out at the same spot. I restarted the level in hopes the glitch would stop but it just glitched out earlier in the level. If the campaign plays through for you it seems like it may be fun. Since i only got to play one level though i dont recommend getting this for single player play.

The multiplayer in this game is decent with the several different types of gameplay. I have also had some slight problems with the online play but it usually works. Aside from the glitching during gameplay it makes for some fun. Takes some time to figure out that being in the open will get you sniped very quickly.

Single player rating: 0/10
Multiplayer rating: 7/10

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GF Rating


This is Real War!

posted by duplissi (AUBURN, ME) Oct 15, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

Going into MOH i was expecting a mash up of COD and Battlefield. While that may somewhat hold true for the mechanics of the game, MOH is most definitely NOT COD or Battlefield- it has an entirely different atmosphere and attitude than either of those games that sets it apart.

In MOH you play as either Tier One or Army Rangers.You will find that playing as the Rangers will be a wholly different experience to playing as Tier One. As far as the story goes i found it to be a brutally authentic and visceral experience (you may want to find a dictionary of military terms) that keeps the pace up all the way to the end. There is proper room clearing, radio chatter, etc. There isnt a whole lot of plot going on beside find this, hold this area, provide cover, but thats the point in MOH your not jumping from location to location or starting or winning the battle you are in the middle of it- the game wants you to know what these soldiers go through. the real story is about how these extraordinary men perceiver through the horror that is war and the bonds that are made between them.

Now to the multiplayer! First off there is no perks here or anything like it, just like the rest of the game authenticity shows through here as the only customization options you have are different weapons, and their various attachments that you can unlock by leveling up in one of the three classes. The different maps will force you to change your style and loadout: being a sniper wont help you on a small map just like having an assault rifle wont help on a rather large maps. Also the game is fairly team based so lone wolfing it will get you killed.
Personnally i loved it. its team based, but not on the same scale as BC2, its more tight knit.

so basically i loved it, it was a breath of fresh air among all the fictional over the top modern shooters, and pays the utmost respect to the soldiers who have been there.

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