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This shooter game that should have been 3rd person

posted by Chessfu (PORTAGE, IN) Oct 17, 2010

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I am not a fan of 1st person shooter games. Namely when your OPP is very close or very far. You can turn your character quick enough to get off a shot.

The Good: MOH looks great, the visual appeal can't be beat. They have captured the landscape perfectly. And the battles are very intense. The mood and feel is gritty and it gets deadly quickly.

THE BAD: It's 1st person. Second the helio mission are lame. You circle one are lighting it up three times. And if you haven't located the mortar the mission ends. First the AIR CAV would have lit up the area, to insert a SEAL or SF team to located the mortar. This would have rocked as a 3rd person game. FOES run past your AI partner to lite you up. While he tells you, you need to shot not ask for ammo.

The best gritty war game is still SOCOM 1, they didn't make this for teens. I still play this on PS2 just cause it's how SF teams operate in the field. By the way I'm tired of SEAL games can we get a SF/ Army Green Beret game?

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posted by Billy1997 (CHERAW, SC) Oct 17, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

well the dynamics of this game are very well designed. the single player was a huge letdown. muliplayer is well worth playing. the single player just gives this entire game a bad image. try looking past it and you have a pretty good game.

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Good for some online play.

posted by urby07 (COLEMAN, MI) Oct 16, 2010

Member since Oct 2010

To start off I made it to the second level in the single player campaign before the game constantly glitched out at the same spot. I restarted the level in hopes the glitch would stop but it just glitched out earlier in the level. If the campaign plays through for you it seems like it may be fun. Since i only got to play one level though i dont recommend getting this for single player play.

The multiplayer in this game is decent with the several different types of gameplay. I have also had some slight problems with the online play but it usually works. Aside from the glitching during gameplay it makes for some fun. Takes some time to figure out that being in the open will get you sniped very quickly.

Single player rating: 0/10
Multiplayer rating: 7/10

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