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Great game but a bit short

posted by buzz9158 (SAINT LOUIS, MO) Jan 9, 2013

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I would have rated this a 10 if it was longer....great fun game though.

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Seemed rushed...

posted by Ekuriox (FORT WORTH, TX) Oct 25, 2012

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With a very few aspects of the game that didn't seem very refined... Medal of Honor has a great Call of Duty `like gameplay but with a cool cover system implemented -- This time the multiplayer has that same peeking over, cover system as the campaign has.

You play as a elite USA operative unraveling a terrorist plot.

Yep, thats the story... Very direct and skewed it's story was rather difficult to follow, but the cut scenes were very detailed. It look like you could just feel some of the cut-scene textures. Character models were allright, some character looked `tossed into the scenes seeming without detail. Some of the world environment gave that effect also -- Tossed-in animations of random environment events that don't seem like they fit. Some textures also seemed out of place too.

While there were few problems... The gameplay really shines in the game. I just like the ability to peek over cover or check corners... It gives a deep realism feel of actual gunplay.

Multiplayer was a bit shifty as well -- You do get a 2 day trial on renting. But you can't climb SOME rocks... Some of the character lighting effects do not render correctly -- Having this very striking standing out in low lit areas... Doesn't really render correctly or feel realistic.

But the gameplay is fun if you like those tight corridor shooters like Call of Duty... With a variety of game modes ... The fun factor was pretty high.

Another tedious thing is that they don't really give you a choice of weapons, but you do get to fully customize your weapon once you `earned it.

Other then that... The game was fun. Just a few rushed elements stood out. Had they spent a few more monthes on it, the game could have easily been perfect.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Could be better...

posted by bITEmE (NEWVILLE, PA) Oct 25, 2012

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-Review for Campain Only-
Only a few levels into the campain, but I have a good feel for the game. If you've played the last MOH, this will have familiarness.
Graphics are good, story is good enough. The enemy moves around alot more now, which makes it more fun. The cover system is like Kill Zone, don't remember if thats the same. Some very tense moments :)
The game can be glitchy, I got stuck in an invisable wall, and is the first time ever I had to reset my system due to a freeze (PS3). When sniping you HAVE to get a head shot, cause a high caliber round in the chest doesnt phase your enemy-B.S.! And Warfighter can be rather difficult sometimes, and I'm on the normal setting.
So far, I don't see a keep at the price tag of $59.99. If you want to buy a FPS try TC future solder, it's under $20 on GF.

So I give it the rating of 6-Above Average
Hope someone who plays online has better things to say.

Happy gaming

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