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GF Rating


couldnt play

posted by jm5466 (CENTRALIA, WA) Oct 31, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

I was Just starting the game early in and after you clear the room and blow up the building at the beginning of the game it would freeze. not just on my ps3 but my room mates as well.

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full of glitches, but still good enough

posted by jruiz8703 (BROWNSVILLE, TX) Oct 31, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

the multiplayer if so full of glitches, it almost seems like a beta. i was like wow was this game rushed? but i digress. the graphics for this game are good. but i really dont care about graphics. as long as its clear its good. now for the fun stuff. the sound for multiplayer sometimes goes out, and the gun sounds sometimes dont work. I dont know if its me or it happens to others as well.
weapons-- they flat out suck. In my honest opinion, i think there could've been more weapons, because there's 6 class types, with 12 countries which equates to 72 soldiers. and the bad part is, most of the weapons are repeated. in total theres about maybe 10 primary weapons, give or take. The worst part? you have to unlock the iron sights. You know something is wrong when you have to unlock basic iron sights. The optics for some weapons suck. For example, the ACOG as we come to know from bf3, are not available. There is a red dot sight but its broken, because it has a 3x zoom scope switch and that doesnt even work. (hk416) But none of this really hurts the game that much. unless your a weapon guru.

combat-- the part of the game is great. Very fluid at times and also fun. Its a combo of BF3 and COD. The fire team buddy, i think, is overrated. Since i began playing the game ive only had about 7 fireteam buddies. People quit, leaving you alone and you can't get health or ammo; which sucks. the weapon damage is very well balanced. but still i find myself using whole clips on one player. and when theres multiple players, i only manage to kill one, even though i was firing everything at those people, as if the shots didnt register. its not about skill, because i clearly are getting shots at the players, but they dont go down.

this game could've been amazing and dethroned COD. but in a sense it was rushed. had they taken their time it would've been a great game. note to designers, take you time if you want to ship a good game, unless you don't care and just want the money.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Not so Great!

posted by AlphaGameFly (OLATHE, KS) Oct 30, 2012

Member since Oct 2012

All i have to say this game is horrible.

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