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posted by MrStark (ETOILE, TX) Dec 15, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

I gave this game a 5 , although I heavily considered a 3 since it was such a let down. I have been a huge fan of the MOH saga since I first played it while in the Military, the realism and storyline of the first game was AWESOME. I really appreciated how it paid serious homage to our Tier 1 SF Boys who go in harms way on a daily basis.

OK, so on to the review of WARFIGHTER...

Cons: My two big gripes are: The Game was waaaay too short, I finished it in 2 hours, also, The textures of the game are too dark, I had a very hard time identifying enemies. The weapons compared to the first game were a bit cheezy.

So in essence, dont go into Warfighter expecting anything like the first game, you will be sorely disappointed...I am GLAD I rented this one and did not buy it!! I saved those two slots for Black Ops 2 and Assassins Creed 3.....AWESOME!!!

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It's not COD, but it holds its own.

posted by depblkman (PITTSBURGH, PA) Dec 7, 2012

Member since Apr 2011

first things first, To compare this game to the COD series is a tragedy. It's sad that most war-fighting games receive lower review scores because people use COD as a standard bearer. Having said this, MOH warfighter is a game that people really need to seek a second opinion. The graphics and game play are very nice and the story lines that are based on actual events gives you an understanding of what dangers our men and women in service see and go thru everyday. There will always be those who swear by the COD series and those who are diehard fans of the MOH series. Just like there is Team Jacob and Team Edward for the twilight series. If your looking for something that plays like COD, then buy COD, otherwise, this may not be the game for you. BTW, when doing the sniping missions, if you think that there is something wrong with the aim, just keep in mind that sniping is not just point and shoot, they actually put mechanics in place that account for other factors like wind, distance, height. you know, things that actual snipers have to account for.

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Not bad

posted by hellbilly (LAKE CITY, FL) Nov 29, 2012

Member since Feb 2010

Single player was not bad although a bit short and pretty easy to beat. Graphic looks great and control worked very well. I was never able to try the online play because there was never any matches going on. Again this is one of those games that wants you to pay for a code to play online, which I think is ridiculous, although it gives you a free two day trial. For what these games cost we should be able to play for free. If the game is worth buying, we will go buy it but know one. The whole reason to rent them is to make sure we are not spending hard earned money on a horrible game.

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