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nothing great

posted by adamgg (SEALY, TX) Nov 20, 2012

Member since Dec 2009

so, comeiing off of battlefield 3 and this. well they re pretty much rhe same game. nothing great in either one, but both are fun or decent games to play. well anyway what i thought of this game..well i was off, the gameplay was nothing special. there was nothing yhat really caught my eye with the gameplay. now the grapics is a diffreent story, i found the grapics amazing on my 360. i mean to me, yhis game looked alot better then most games i played this year. and what they need to do in my opion to make this game better then battfield or cod is, add some ghost recon style to the game, one thing that makes ghost recon difffent is the customization,l how you get to vhoose what gubn you want to go with and the 3d person view, witch was good to me. but anyway this game is worth a rent in my opion.

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GF Rating



posted by dcb03 (FORT PIERCE, FL) Nov 18, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

great game love it

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Very Good

Good for what it is

posted by JohnH (MISSOULA, MT) Nov 18, 2012

Member since Nov 2012

The good... It's got a great single player that was actually fun to play through. Not all just shooting which was nice. The multiplayer is fun but if you are going in with halo, cod, or even bf3 in mind you'll be disappointed. The multiplayer is only fun if you understand that you'll NEED to use the cover / peek system. A lot of people in multiplayer as veqry easy to kill because only about 1/3 understand it. My guess is the horrible reviews are from people that didn't get it and quit. The weapon customization is nice and there is a fair amount of difference between the guns unlike Halo4 where there are three exact copies of every gun with absolutely zero difference. I like the real life tie ins - surefire suppressors, DD m4v1 and mk18 rifles, LaRue OBRs, etc. This is definitely worth a rent.

The bad... This is laid it very much like a DICE game. It's obviously in need of patches for a couple small issues. EA has been pushing out betas as finished games for a couple years and this is no exception. Playable for sure but not perfect by any means. It's also sort of jagged, halo4 was VERY smooth and lovely compared to this. I feel like next gen consoles are pretty much NEEDED at this point.

Overall... Good single player, good multiplayer if you stick with it and figure it out. A little buggy, not going to win game of the year but the multiplayer is very challenging and requires a little thought into tactics not just run and gun. Definitely not nearly as horrible as the reviews make it seem!

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