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GF Rating

Very Good

Solid game with fun controls

posted by Paradise23 (OXNARD, CA) Apr 9, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

My first thought when i played this game was "man it feels a lot like COD3" so immediately i was dissapointed because i didn't like COD3 that much. So i wanted to try multiplayer before i returned it. Wow i haven't had this much fun with a fps(first-person shooter) four player in a while. What makes this game great is the fact that it is on the wii, and i'll tell you why. My sister never liked fps games that much, but i convinced her, my lil bro and my cousin to play 4player MOH. She caught on really fast and ended up even craving the game. I couldn't believe it. After playing multiplayer for hours with my buddies i thought i would give single player a second go. All of a sudden it was way more fun.

Basically my advice to you is gather some friends or family for multiplayer before trying the single player campaign. You get to practice the controls and maybe end up playing some people you never thought would have fun with a game like this.

Now the game isn't perfect. If it weren't for the unique and fairly simple controls this game would be very basic and "been there done that". It is no halo, but it is solid fun especially considering it is one of very few fps games for the wii. I have run into little annoyances during multiplayer one main being the constant respawning and next to someone to just die right away. And don't tilt the wii remote when you are playing because the pointing will go all off.

This game is a step up from COD3 and only gives light to the future of fps on the wii. I would have given this game a 9 if it had online and maybe wii to wii connectivity for some 8 or 16 player battles. Maybe even some co-op. Yes this game could have a lot more to it, but considering the games out for the wii right now and the new controls it feels like new. Definitely rent it, i am not sure about buying it though, but who knows when the next step in fps on the wii will come.

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GF Rating


Nice and smooth

posted by jdcstudios (ROUND ROCK, TX) Apr 8, 2007

Member since Mar 2007

Never enjoyed the previous MOHs but this one I enjoyed. The Wii offer such a smother aiming ability, I have never had so many head shots before. The only downfall was that I beat the game in one day. I know most people will not have the problem I just had a lot of time the other day. Total playing time was about 10 hours. But it was a very enjoyable 10 hours. The only problem I had was the reload motion. If you are a fan of MoH or you just like good shooters check this one out.

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GF Rating


MoH : V

posted by WigTehNig (CHATSWORTH, CA) Apr 2, 2007

Member since Aug 2006

When i first put this game on my list, i was all excited. It looked great, sounded great, had cool screen shots. However, i am torn onto two different sides for this game.

The good side:
-This game was definitely a step in the right direction for wii games.
-The shooting with the controller was better and more controlled.
-A little bit better graphics
-The overall controls for everything else flowed pretty smoothly most of the time.
-Multi-player is very exciting.

The bad side:
-graphics are still far away from perfect.
-even though the shooting control was better, it was till not perfect.
-The enemy AI are absolutely horrible
-The allied AI were no help at ALL.
-Game play gets kinda old after awhile.
-Can games survive with out co-op or online play. I mean i love online play, its what keeps you playing the same game over and over again. Also playing the campaign with friends is incredible fun.

So after all this, even though the game is a step in the right direction, the wii still has far to go with graphics, game play, and online multi-player.

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