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medal of honor vanguard

posted by allvol (BIRMINGHAM, AL) May 5, 2007

Member since Jan 2007

after you master aiming with the controls this game is pretty good. if you are aggressive in game play, you will die often and run out of ammo at times when you really need it. the game lacked alot of missions and can be completed very quickly. but overall, this game is worth the play time.

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posted by Pickles (PORTLAND, OR) Apr 15, 2007

Member since Jul 2006

This is the best FPS on the Wii to date! I think it basically takes the flaws COD3 and Red Steel had and fixed them. For example, in Red Steel, if you went out a tiny little circle, it would start moving alot slower. In MOH, the sensitivity is alot better and will not slow down at all. In COD3, throwing a grenade was hard, but they've fixed it and made it alot more accurate. There's also a multiplayer, which COD3 was lacking.

Then their is the single player, which is awesome. It tells a story using some excellent voice acting and real time video. Single player can be very challenging at times, but once you beat the mission, you'll feel great.

Overall, this game is more then worthy of a rental. Both single and multiplayer modes are excellent. Just go ahead and buy it. Well worth $40.

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Close, but not there yet.

posted by ScottyDWii (CHICAGO, IL) Apr 10, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

We're getting close to the best way to control a FPS on the Wii.

Graphics - I found the environments to be beautiful, much better than COD3. Explosions were almost laughable they looked terrible. The character models also look awful. When they speak, they seem to have 2 movements with their jaw - Closed, and WIDE open. It just looked funny. Going prone in weeds was a quite an experience. The images of the weeds became pixelated... SO much so that I was having flashbacks to my DOOM/Wolf3d days.. Anyway, the game's environment looks gorgeous, especially when you jump out of planes.. But the rest is not terrible, not great.

Sound - EA once again shows that it knows how to incorporate music in the right places at the right times. Sound effects are excellent as well.. Put on some headphones and crank up the volume. Voice acting is fairly decent but does get repetative at times. Some funny lines here and there, if you pick off a German from across a field, you might get a "Nice shot!" compliment.. Nice touch.

Gameplay - Feels very similar to COD3, missions very linear. Some were very challenging. I finished the game in under 10 hours. Multiplayer is a nice addition, of course no online sucks. Multiplayer was fairly fun though and adds replay.

Control - Very similar to COD 3 for me in that I had to do a lot of tweaking to get it right for me. But once I got it adjusted to my liking, it felt great. Quick, responsive aiming. Throwing grenades is MUCH better than COD3 and a ton of fun to perform. You can throw overhand or lob underhand. I turned some of the gestures like the About Face gesture off, as they would often register when I was trying to other motions like relead. They were very smart and offered you the option to shut the gestures off, as well as adjust where the deadzone box is for aiming, which is great.

Overall, if you know you have friends to play with, buy it. A great rental if you don't. Defintely worth a play either way. EA did well

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