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Also on:PS2
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GF Rating

Very Good

Overall, a good game.

posted by Edlover1 (FORT MILL, SC) May 29, 2007

Member since Apr 2007

This is my first WWII game I'v ever played, and I was impressed. The missions are fun, and the graphics are ok. I had loads of fun with the multiplayer, but the single player was extremely short and easy. This game is worth the rent.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Not Great, Not Bad. Just "Good".

posted by Demanacus (DENVER, CO) May 10, 2007

Member since Jul 2006

(If you're interested in this game, it might be worth your time to read this whole review)

This game is an UNDENIABLE "step in the right direction", towards creating a great shooter on the WII.

OVERALL RATING: somewhere between C+ & B-

The controls are MUCH more intuitive than Red Steel, but not as good as they COULD have been. The Graphics are a little grainy, but I expected that on the WII. Once I found a nice setting for the "Deadzone" boxes, the game was decent, overall. It just seemed like the same old thing. Shoot, reload, throw grenade, kill germans, Rinse & Repeat. It failed to "WOW" me. But by all means, I was FAR from disappointed, too. Overall, the game was better than I expected, but not as good as I had hoped. I recommend it as a rental for anyone who wants to try a decent shooter on the WII, but dont waste your money keeping it. Just wait for Metroid Prime, to show the world how to make a good shooter on the WII. Cuz you KNOW it'll be the one! Just like HALO showed the world how to make a great shooter on a console, with a hand-held controller (as apposed to a mouse-keyboard), Metroid Prime 3 will show the world how to make a great shooter with the WII controler. But if you NEED a shooter until then, this is decent.

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GF Rating


Toss a few smoke grenades and run!

posted by orionrepla (LEXINGTON PARK, MD) May 8, 2007

Member since Aug 2005

I thoroughly enjoy my Wii. I love playing games that use the motion tracking of the joystick. I rented Vanguard thinking that there could be nothing better than playing a shooter with this joystick. I never imagined the sheer horror I experienced while trying to play. The controls are quirky at best, though "quirky" was not the word I chose to say while playing. That can't get printed here.

With the AI shooting at me from all angles, I could not swing my sights fast enough and accurately enough to shoot back. I'd end up looking at the floor or inadvertantly reloading at the totally wrong time. I simply grew tired of always pointing at the screen to keep my situational awareness. You can't rest your hand, because your hand is your head in this game (if that makes sense). Drop your hand and your view drops to the floor.

The graphics were blocky at best. As some reviewers have already stated, "very PS2". Or maybe even less.

Probably the worst thing I ran into was clearing a room or alley before your AI team was ready and the script would continue to run as if the room was still full of Germans. For instance, your sergeant keeps telling you to keep your head down and fight, but meanwhile I'm standing in front of him with a room full of dead bad guys. I have to wait for him to "read his lines" before he moves. Weird. Cheesy.

Game returned. But this is the beauty of Gamefly!

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