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GF Rating


The game kicks!

posted by Unaboomer (STANCHFIELD, MN) Apr 14, 2007

Member since Oct 2006

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By far the best FPS on the Wii(until Metroid maybe). The story is great, and the action is intense. There's not as much weapons as say Far Cry, or have sword fights like Red Steel, but it does have things the others don't. For one, you parachute a few times in the game, and you control yourself with the wii remote and nunchuck, very hard at first and it takes awhile to get used to. Then there's weapon upgrades, like a 50 round barrel clip for the Thompson, instead of the normal 20 or 30 round clip.

And it's the best FPS multiplayer also. CoD3 didn't even have one, Far Cry only can have two players and only two modes. While Red Steel can have four players, It only has four levels to play on, and all the skins you can pick from are all bright and easy to spot, making the challenge of finding your opponent nonexistent(espiecally for the screen watchers out there). Medal of Honor: Vanguard on the other hand, can have four players, has multiple game modes, and a great selection of levels.

So if you want a good FPS game, get MoH:V. If you want a game with an interesting story, get MoH:V. And if you want the best FPS multiplayer for the Wii, definitely get MoH:V.

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GF Rating


We're getting there.

posted by RichScarry (MISSOULA, MT) Mar 30, 2007

Top Reviewer

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26 out of 28 gamers (93%) found this review helpful

This game has shown one step closer to a better handling FPS. The controls this game are good, but are still pretty sloppy. It's an improvement from CoD3, and with the much needed multiplayer mode.

When compared to CoD3, this game is all around better. The controls work easier, and the camera is steady. The only problem I have had with the controls is doing the wrong thing, when you meant to do another. This is still pretty sloppy, and it makes the game play pretty difficult. After you master the fine movements, this game is pretty solid. The visuals are pretty decent, the sound quality is the standard war time explosions. Overall though, this game is pretty brief, I managed to finish it in two days, and I didn't spend all day playing it.

The multiplayer is the biggest, and probably the best shooter multiplayer for the Wii so far. There are many different modes you can play under allowing a much needed added replay value.

This game is a step in the right direction. The controls are slightly better than Call of Duty, but its still pretty sloppy and easy to do the wrong thing. And when you're in a fast paced game, it could be life or death. It's worth a rent, and it may be your type of game.


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Better than Call of Duty 3

posted by DaMoose (MIDLAND, TX) Apr 26, 2007

Member since Apr 2005

16 out of 17 gamers (94%) found this review helpful

Unlike CoD3, when you die in this game, you actually WANT to continue and try again. This game features a good story, great voice acting, great graphics and the controls are well done. There are some occasional times when you want to reload, you end up doing a couple of 180's, but thats about the only flaw I have discovered. Enemies are smart, allied AI is intelligent and, unlike CoD3's patented "Squad-Based" shooter, this game makes YOU the ultimate player. You are the one in charge. Yes, you allies help, but a FPS isnt really a FPS unless you are the main guy whoopin and stompin every baddie that floats your way. Overall: Excellent

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