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Medal of Honor: Vanguard

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Very Good

Im surprised, better than what the critics think

posted by devinS (GRESHAM, OR) Dec 1, 2007

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I thought medal of honor vanguard was a great game. It is better than what the critics think, also what others think. Im pretty surprised.

I think it is one of the best war games i have ever played. The game has some of the best sound you will ever hear in a video game, it is very loud. Its cool hearing bullets wizzing by and hearing bombs going off. It really feels like you are shooting people in the game, hearing the bullets hit everyone, and seeing your enemies flop around like rag dolls. And blood spurts quite a bit when you shoot people in the game, its pretty bloody and brutal for a teen rating. And the grenades are cool too, they kind of take care of business, and its cool using the bazooka's to blow away tanks and your enemies. The enviorments are not really destructable, but it is really cool shooting up the place. I love shooting at the walls and stuff, i love seeing the dust fly off of walls when you shoot at them, enemies hide behind things a lot. Its fun to shoot up the place in the game, and mow down a lot of enemies, there is lots of shooting. And you can even punch people too which is kind of funny. Enemies will fall off a lot of things, or be blown out of windows onto the street below.

The story really is not engaging, its just doing one mission after another, there are not really cinematics, just those things where it shows real war footage with the black and white picture, and a guy is narrating it. And it shows quotes and stuff before you start a mission. And it has moments where you jump out of airplanes and land on the ground, and you see many paratroopers and explosions in the air. There are many moments when you have to blast open doors with explosives and blow up anti aircraft guns.

The graphics are alright, but not great. I also like seeing your squad in the action, and seeing them shooting and all that.

I had a good time with the game, but it is pretty short, i had a good time with it.

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Just Like the Good Ol' Days

posted by Thechubby1 (SNOW CAMP, NC) Apr 1, 2007

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Finally, EA is back from their vacation. The last two showings in the Medal of Honor franchise were very dissapointing. While this game comes back with more of the same, Vanguard adds a new element to the mix, the 82nd Airborne Division. At the start of every campaign, you will be in the back of a transport plane. The parachute portions of the game are exhilerating but they are over in a matter of seconds. This game suffers from the shortness of European Assault but makes up for it with one long final campaign. It took me an hour to complete and I didn't die once. There are weapon ugrades on the battlefield that are difficult to get and can make things easier. The Thompson upgrade is a drum clip that holds 50 rounds. The M1 Garand's upgrade is a scope you can put on or take off at any time. The graphics are better than MOH:EA's and are pretty nice to look at. Sure this game is good, but I see it as a demo for Medal of Honor: Airborne, due to hit Xbox 360 and PS3 in November of this year. It will have the same elements but a free-roam mission area, well at least that's what the critics are saying. So if your looking for a decent game rent it, don't buy it, you can beat it in 3-4 hours.

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More of the same, but that aint a bad thing.

posted by JHaze1967 (LUNENBURG, MA) Mar 31, 2007

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This latest Electronic Arts WW2 first person shooter definitely has that "Been there, done that" feel to it. On the other hand its nice to be able to jump into a game without having a whole new control scheme over again. I haven't finished the game yet, but the levels I have played, I flew though without much trouble. The CPU's A.I. seems to be fixed at "Brainless". They do next to nothing to protect themselves. When the enemies duck behind or under something they always pop their heads out for an easy kill. The men in your troop are as equally brainless. They may be shooting, but at what? Im always finding I have to do all the clearing out of the baddies. I have seen my comrades in a fire fight with the enemy just feet away and neither hitting anything. The early levels are very dark, yeah they are night missions, but the lighting is poor. I often found myself walking into walls while thinking I was moving forward but wasn't. The sounds are what you would expect from a Medal of Honor game, spot on, with nice back ground music reflecting the mood of the environment. Graphics a tad shabby not on par with Call of Duty 3, but not awful either. The in game chatter is helpful in telling you where hidden enemies are. "Sniper!, 2nd story window!" - etc. There isn't much interaction with the environment. Some windows will break here and there but, wooden boxes are as good as walls for cover. Nothing much breaks. Well I think I've bashed the game enough, this game is still fun to play and is constant action throughout. Despite all the negatives this game is definitely worth a rental and guessing can be finished in about 4-6 hours based on difficulty settings and player skill.

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