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Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

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Also on:GC, PS2
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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Singapore Sling Multi-player skin

When you clear out two bedrooms near the end, in one of the rooms is a chest in a corner. Go over to it and press Action. As soon as you open this chest, you will unlock a new multi-player skin.

Search For Yamashita's Gold Multi-player skin

REMEMBER: This trick requires the skeleton key. After rescuing the Flying Tiger pilot, go down the hall towards the reclining golden statue. To your right will be a door blocked by a stone slab. Walk up to it and press A. A "Used Skeleton Key" message will appear. Inside you will find health, ammunition, and the Flying Tiger Pilot multi-player skin.

Midnight Raid On Guadalcanal Guad Native multi-player skin

When you enter the building that you must go through to secure the ammo depot, there is a room with a table with bowls. Find a room off of the large one to find a small chest. Open it to unlock the Guad Native skin for multi-player mode.

Day Of Infamy Navy Crewman multi-player skin

REMEMBER: This cheat requires the skeleton key. Press X at the middle barber's chair at the barbershop to unlock the Naval Crewman's multi-player skin. A message will appear, stating "Used skeleton key, unlocked Navy Crewman Multi-player Skin" or something similar.