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Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Control main menu

Move the Right Analog-stick to control the background at the main menu.

Singapore Sling Hidden health

During this mission you have to meet a man. Go to the noodle bar. The bar has noodles on it which will give you health.

Super Carrier Sabotage Regain health

After you kill the knife throwing chef in the kitchen, you can go to the table and eat some food to restore your health.

Super Carrier Sabotage Cereal

Get to the room with a chef who throws knives at you. Kill him, then go into the space where all the food is kept. Look for brightly colored boxes on the shelves. The boxes are red and yellow. If you look closely, you can see that the boxes read "Cereal" in English.

Fight For The Philippines Bullet shield cheat

REMEMBER: This trick requires the entrenching tool from the Search For Yamashita's Gold mission. Once you reach the baseball field, in one of the corners is a pile of dirt. Press X by it and you will unlock the "Bullet Shield" cheat in the bonus menu.

Midnight Raid On Guadalcanal Hidden cheat

REMEMBER: This trick requires the entrenching tool from the Search For Yamashita's Gold mission. Dig at the two sandbags blocking the entrance to a tunnel.

Pearl Harbor Gun turret

Run to the left of the ship when you are on the top. You will see a gun turret. Press A to get into it.

Pistol Pete Showdown Machete replay item

The machete replay item can be found at the outpost cabin where you find and rescue the Allied patrol and get Lt. Harrison to follow you. It is around behind the cabin in a small trench that leads under the building. The machete can be used to cut the vegetation in certain areas to gain access to hidden weapons and ammo caches.

Pistol Pete Showdown Men With Hats cheat

REMEMBER: This trick requires the entrenching tool from the Search For Yamashita's Gold mission. Use the entrenching tool at the entrance to a save radio just past two Japanese machine gun bunkers to unlock the Men With Hats cheat.

Search For Yamashita's Gold Hidden path

Go along the beginning path until you reach the first two statues to the left. Go through them and the left side of the path will have a secret path branching off of it. The entrance is only about ten feet from the beginning of the first set of statues that branch off the beginning path. Use the machete to find it. This path travels about ten feet alongside the normal path, but contains ammunition. It exits behind some of the enemy troops on the normal path.

Pistol Pete Showdown Bonus objectives

Take over the howitzer. Save Lt. Harrison (press Action near him when he is on the last bridge).

Singapore Sling Bonus objectives

Save three POWs. Find three pieces of intel.

Bridge On The River Kwai Hidden path

Turn around and go backwards from the starting point to find a hidden path which will lead to some Japanese soldiers and a ledge that the first bridge (on the normal path), crosses. If you look down, you will see some soldiers down at the river (on a dock) that you can kill. There are some vines at the ledge that you can swing on to get access to a tunnel that contains more soldiers and a Japanese machine gun. The tunnel ends at the ledge that is directly after the first bridge (on the normal path). REMEMBER: Before swinging on the vines, search the area for a nearby film canister.

Bridge On The River Kwai Hidden weapon

As you see the train tracks, you can find a hidden path which overlooks the tracks. As you proceed, you will see some boulders. Press Action near one, and it will roll onto a truck below. After you eliminate all the soldiers, follow the track and immediately after the jungle starts, on your right will be a hidden path which leads to a T-11 LMG.

Day Of Infamy Play level longer

To this level longer, shoot torpedoes instead of planes.

Day Of Infamy Unlimited ammo cheat

REMEMBER: This trick requires the entrenching tool from the Search For Yamashita's Gold mission. As you are making your way up through the ship you will see a soldier that has been sprayed in the face with steam from an exploded pipe. Approach the soldier and press A. The message "Entrenchment Tool Used" will appear. This will unlock the "Unlimited Ammo" cheat in the bonus menu.

Bridge On The River Kwai Bonus objectives

Eliminate ten enemies at checkpoint. Disable the dock.

Day Of Infamy Bonus objectives

Help the crewman shut the hatch. Save the crewman with the fire extinguisher.

Fall Of The Philippines Bonus objectives

Find the gold Buddha. Find a picture of a Japanese general.

In Search Of Yamashita's Gold Bonus objectives

Destroy the radio equipment. Destroy five sake water barrels.

Midnight Raid On Guadalcanal Bonus objectives

Find five pieces of intel, Blow up the generator.

Pearl Harbor Bonus objectives

Shoot down 20 planes. Shoot down 75 planes.